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Suitable bag?

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Join Date: 12 Apr 2004
Location: Faerie Pond In The Garden At Twilight
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September Pixie 

It's kind of funny how it all worked out.. I had the bag made for another fairy deck that is coming.. but you know how that goes.. once they see a bag that is their stye/taste.. they HAVE to HAVE IT!! So now it's theirs.
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Laura Borealis  Laura Borealis is offline
pirate borealis
Join Date: 23 Feb 2004
Location: Georgia, USA
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Laura Borealis 

another Faeries' Oracle bag story...

I was going through my fabric stash yesterday and ran across a scrap of brown velvet I forgot I had. Immediately the Faeries perked up their ears from my bedside table, where they were lying wrapped in my favorite black, blue, and purple silk scarf... a scarf they confiscated from me a year ago.

"That brown velvet is ours!" they said. "It's about time we had a proper bag!" Never mind that they wanted the silk scarf to begin with. So today I got out my sewing machine and stitched them a soft little bag. It's lined with a piece of black silk/linen blend fabric cut from a torn pair of trousers. I used these instructions which make a nice lined bag with no raw edges showing. The Faeries seem very happy with their new bag, and I got my scarf back.

While I was sewing, I did a quick spread, and kept the cards out till the bag was done: see here (the color is off a bit since I took this indoors). Himself said the color of the velvet was perfect. The Pook snickered and snarled the bobbin thread. Faery Godmother said, "Bless you, child... you're sweet to think of us." Solus just beamed.
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If Himself likes it, that's a big thumbs up... and if the Faerie Godmother likes it... that's like the Faery Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, right???

Glad to hear the Fae inspiration never dies, laura!
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diane drizzy  diane drizzy is offline
Join Date: 06 Mar 2004
Location: sitting with the bleacher creatures
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diane drizzy 

Well, one deck is in a Tarot Totes bag in a green and brown bag. My other deck is in a green scrunchie which they seem to like.
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RhapsodyatDawn's Avatar
RhapsodyatDawn  RhapsodyatDawn is offline
Join Date: 27 Aug 2004
Location: Georgia, USA
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I just ordered the FO off of Amazon (it'll be here Tuesday! fweet!)

I hope the Faeries know that I'm only 16 and have VERY limited monetary means when it comes to bags. (My other Tarot deck has no bag and sits on the floor or on my dresser whenever it's not in use).

It sounds as though they can be very mischeivous when it comes to choosing proper homes. I read what one woman went through and it's a little worrying. Oh well...I supposed I'll find out when it comes, eh?
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Aura Wolf's Avatar
Aura Wolf  Aura Wolf is offline
Of the cosmic woodland
Join Date: 20 Sep 2002
Location: BC, Canada
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Aura Wolf 

Don't worry, Rhapsody--the Faeries are fun I'm sure they'll tell you what they want though, lol.
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lark's Avatar
lark  lark is offline
Just a little prairie faerie
Join Date: 07 Oct 2003
Location: In the Spirit Room, Wisconsin
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Yes Rhapsody,
Faeries have no respect for money, but they do find a bag for themselves no matter how poor "we ' might be.
You will come upon the very "thing" for them and wonder how you didn't think of it before.
It might be a Christmas cookie tin,
Or a little purse on the clearance rack.
Or an unexpected gift of a pretty box, or scarf to wrap them in.
And if all else fails send me your address by PM and I will send you a bag.

(My Faerie's told me to say that! )
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jema's Avatar
jema  jema is offline
Join Date: 05 Aug 2001
Location: sweden
Posts: 5,046

Hope this works.
this is the bag where my faeries rest. Liberace it is:-)
Hard to see here. I just scanned the bag. But it is silver and very very shiny and glittery with a few bright red spots.
I am still looking around for another one though. But so far nothing really suited them.
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diane drizzy  diane drizzy is offline
Join Date: 06 Mar 2004
Location: sitting with the bleacher creatures
Posts: 1,708
diane drizzy 

Hi Rhapsoday!
Congratulations on your new editions!
As lark said something unexpected will turn up to store themselves in. Maybe if you knit or sew you can make a bag yourself. Faeries especially like handcrafts. You can also just keep them together with a scrunchie or covered elastic until something turns up or your faeries borrow a sock to live in!
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mercenary30  mercenary30 is offline
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Just a warning.....don't keep them in a paper grocery bag....they will never forgive you!!!!!
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