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Harsh Truths Spread

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lisaria  lisaria is offline
Join Date: 11 Jun 2004
Location: North Carolina, USA
Posts: 45

I really like this one. I've copied it down and will be doing it really soon. Thanks for this one Luminessence!
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Emily  Emily is offline
Join Date: 14 Feb 2002
Location: England
Posts: 7,664

I like the idea of this spread too - I'll be trying it out soon
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Trogon  Trogon is offline
Join Date: 27 Aug 2002
Location: Arizona, USA
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Luminessence! Wow! This is a great spread... and I think it came along just in time. A friend of mine is having relationship problems (can't keep one going)... maybe he can benefit from this at his next reading.

Of course, since I'm perfect I don't need this for myself... hmmm... maybe I do at that... Thanks for posting this.
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ncefafn's Avatar
ncefafn  ncefafn is offline
Join Date: 14 Jan 2004
Location: KY
Posts: 3,647

I just wanted to chime in and say what a terrific spread this is. It's applicable to just about any situation, and if you don't have so much time, you can cut it in half and either do the first three or the last three questions. Thank you for sharing this with us!

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moonlight's Avatar
moonlight  moonlight is offline
Join Date: 09 Sep 2004
Location: Australia
Posts: 245

This is a great spread. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

Sometimes we like to kid ourselves and it is nice to get a spread that will give us a bit of a kick up the bum and make us realise that we are being a little silly. I just did a reading on myself - and i certainly got that kick up the bum .

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Princess_Lucy's Avatar
Princess_Lucy  Princess_Lucy is offline
Join Date: 04 Apr 2005
Location: Sky of Three Roads
Posts: 543

Thanks for this spread. I did a reading with it last night and *ouch* it made things much clearer!
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cormac's Avatar
cormac  cormac is offline
Join Date: 30 Mar 2005
Location: indiana, USA
Posts: 671

thank you for posting this Luminessence -- i did this for my work situation today and i think it was right on the money -- i say 'think' because i am not sure if i believe the harsh truth yet -- lol -- but that is the point -- i'm going to do another in a day or so and see what i find

thanks again
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mike gorth  mike gorth is offline
Join Date: 11 Apr 2005
Location: Il USA chicago
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mike gorth 

I really like it too. It really shows all angles but is simple and decisive. Great idea.
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Rosanne  Rosanne is offline
Join Date: 08 Dec 2004
Location: North Auckland,New Zealand
Posts: 5,917
The Spread I need.

Thank you Luminessence for this straightforward and reality spread. I have a new Egyptian Tarot and I read in a thread that Moongold had got forthright answers from that deck. I needed a clear, clean spread for a family situation that I was having an irrational response to. I used it and I got a real hand smack for my attitude, from the spread. I appreciated that and saw the situation from a different perspective. I usually use four spreads only, now I have a fifth for personal use to show my 'real motives and responses'.Hard to get when you are reading for yourself IMO. ~Rosanne
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SummerRaine  SummerRaine is offline
Join Date: 20 Oct 2001
Location: Northeastern USA
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Thumbs up A very revealing spread!

Thank you Luminessence!

I tried your Harsh Truths Spread this afternoon in relation to an issue / problem I've been having over the past few months with a co-worker, who has been subtley trying to undermine my authority. It produced such an incredibly revealing and insightful interpretation. I used the Tarot Lukumi, and my experience with this deck is that it just begs for great spreads like this one.

I will definitely try this spread again in the future, as well as add it to my repertoire for use with those I read for.

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