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Mystical Cat Tarot - Ace of Earth (Pentacles)

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Mystical Cat Tarot - Ace of Earth (Pentacles)

The Ace of Earth shows a close up of an oak tree. The focus is on the large trunk, on which a large cat paw print is engraved. Part of the tree's foliage is visible at the top and strong roots are visible at the bottom. On the grassy area around the base of the tree, there are a bunch of mushrooms, fallen leaves (belonging to a different tree), a few acorns, a broken branch, a few big rocks and leafy plants.
Behind the tree, a varied landscape can be seen, including some tall grass, more green grass, earthy ground and everything being mostly plain areas with the beginning of a mound on the right.

Colors : Green and brown equally and harmoniously distributed.

The Earth Cats are the most in-tune with their surrounding environment. ''They are homebodies at heart, fond of their possessions and a good meal.'' They are peaceful and welcoming towards other cats, but with other species as well. They are described as ''[k]ind, quiet, comfort-loving, patient and generous''. The most important values for this Clan are ''history, stability and security''. To summarize it, ''The way of the Earth Cats is the way of comfort.''

Symbolism :

Oak tree : Held in high respect by many cultures. It's a symbol of life, wisdom, strength, family, success, etc. This one looks solid, with the visible roots representing strong foundations and the dense foliage symbolizing continuous growth, security and prosperity.

Mushrooms : Hold varied symbolism, depending on the context. Here they could probably represent growth and abundance (they're a food staple for many animal species).

(Fallen) leaves : Could symbolize physical comfort and security, as plant material is often used by different animals for nesting and for consumption.

Acorns : Being the fruit of the oak tree, they hold similar symbolism, but also potential. They also are a staple food for many animals.

(Fallen) tree branch : When a branch falls by itself, it usually means it's dead. It will then either decompose and serve as soil fertilizer or be used by some animal for nesting, as a shelter by insects or as a substrate for mushrooms. It represents the cycle of life and abundance.

Plants/grass/fields : Symbolize fertility and life.

Rocks/stones : Represent strength and stability.

Earthy ground : Symbolizes fertility.

Green color : Associated with growth, hope, life, rebirth and positive energy.

Brown color : Associated with structure and stability.
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