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Mystical Cats Tarot - Two of Fire (Wands)

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Mystical Cats Tarot - Two of Fire (Wands)

An orange tabby cat is sitting on a doorstep, her back facing us. The arched double doors are open wide towards the inside. They seem to be made of wood and have metal hinges and handles decorated with flame designs. The handles have a salamander-like shape.
The wall is made of brownish grey stone.
The ground, inside and outside, is made of white square tiles.
Behind the cat there are 2 low steps. Behind them, there are 2 lit candles, one on the left and one on the right.
There might be other candles outside, as we can see a yellow glow close to the ground on the left and right of the cat. It also seems to be reflected on the cat's body. Other than that, not much is visible of the outside world from our point of view. There might be some fog and what looks like a forest can be guessed. The sky is grey, but there is some faint yellow right above the trees, which probably means the Sun is either setting or rising. (According to the book, it's setting.)

Colors : Dull warm tones

To go or not to go? To leave now or to wait some more? As the author puts it in the book, ''Fire Cats live for adventure'', but this one has some wisdom ingrained in her. She knows it's best to carefully weigh in her options before making a decisive move. That's also her advice for us in times of uncertainty. To put it simply : ''Consider carefully.''

Symbolism :

Orange (cat) : Associated with boldness, confidence and extroverted people. Quite fitting for a Fire Cat.

Door/doorstep : Symbolizes a beginning or an end, a transition, a passage (figurative meaning). Here the doors are wide open, yet the cat is sitting on the threshold. It shows that in this situation, nothing is blocking you, but you still have a choice to make between the comforting but boring security and unknown adventures. The entrance is arched, which gives us a double meaning, since arches commonly symbolize openings, choices, new beginnings/possibilities.

Salamander : This animal holds diverse symbolism. An important one is that they represent the need to find a balance and be adaptable. They are cold-blooded animals associated with solar power, yet they are nocturnal since they prefer to hunt after dusk. Along with adaptability, they also symbolize regeneration and renewal, since they can regrow their appendages if they lose some to predators. There would be much more to say, but I don't think those door handles are relevant enough for me to write a whole page about their significance.

Stone wall : Symbolizes the solidity of the structure and the fact that the cat feels secure in this place.

White tiles/floor : I don't know why, but I kept on looking back to this aspect of the card. So I decided to look it up, but the research engine kept on giving me results about checkered patterns. Indeed, a checkered pattern is a common symbol for duality, the white squares symbolizing purity and innocence. Here we have only white tiles, like a blank canvas. This cat is at the beginning of her adventure, in fact it hasn't started yet. She is still like that blank canvas.

Candles : Represent the element of Fire and symbolize our inner light and force. Flames are a symbol for energy, power, passion, action and creativity.

Number 2 : On this card, we can see 2 doors and 2 lit candles. This number symbolizes duality, balance and change.

Fog : Symbolizes the unconscious mind and confusion.

Forest : Associated with life, mystery and the unknown.

Grey sky : The sky is a symbol of freedom and infinity and grey is the color of uncertainties.

Setting Sun : Symbolizes the end of a journey/cycle.
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