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Mystical Cats Tarot - Two of Sea (Cups)

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Mystical Cats Tarot - Two of Sea (Cups)

2 cats are standing nose to nose in front of a lightly eroded cast stone fountain. The one on the left has short brown hair and the one on the right is a shorthaired calico.
They are standing on a pale beige ground and behind them and the fountain, there are 2 arched openings in a beige wall (probably an adobe wall, made from sand and other material).
Through the openings, we can see a calm body of water, the beginning of a grassy cliff on the right and a blue sky filled with white clouds.

Colors : The warm beige and brown get the attention, but the coolness of the blue and grey in the center doesn't go unnoticed.

In the book, the author explains that this card is about a romantic relationship, new or ongoing, that is going well.
I personally see this card as the connection between 2 souls, whether they are engaged romantically or not. I see it as 2 partners standing as equals, their emotional flows running together in parallel.

Symbolism :

Nose-touching : Friendly greeting between cats and a mean of communication.

Water fountain : Symbol of the endless/continuous flow of energy.

Flowing water : Represents the flowing stream of emotions.

Mirror (reflection in the water) : In many cultures, people used to believe mirrors were reflecting the soul/unconscious self/spiritual mind, in other words, your true self.

Lion head (adorning a water fountain) : Common custom dating from the Egyptian/Roman/Greek era. It seems that it was done so that the 4 elements were represented. The lion head represents the Fire element, the fountain represents the Earth element, then there is the flowing Water itself and the omnipresent Air. The 4 elements together represent balance and completeness. Lions are also a common symbol for strength and courage.

Number 2 (cats, basins, arches) : Represents union, balance and harmony.

Arches : Symbolize choices, new beginnings and possibilities.

Body of water : We don't know if we see some ocean/sea or a smaller body of water, but in any case, water typically symbolizes life and its vastness, the unconscious mind and emotions.

Grassy cliff : It could represent the physical realm (Earth) as opposed to the spiritual/emotional realm (Water), both of them forming what we perceive as 'reality'.
It could also holds the same symbolism mountains have and warns of future challenges. Even the most perfect relationship will sustain some hardships or challenges eventually.

White clouds : Clarity of thoughts.
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