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Post Oracle Spreads Index

Looking for a spread to use with an Oracle deck? The Tarot Spreads forum contains thousands of spreads, most of which can be used with Oracle Decks.

If you would like to share a spread which is intended to be used with an Oracle deck, it may be posted here in Oracles or in Oracle Study Groups. Please remember:
  • Respect copyright! If a spread is from a book or website, please include the title and author. If it is from another website, include a link to it.
  • Example readings may be posted along with the original spread, in the same post. The idea is for it to accompany the spread as an example of how the spread might read, but not for comments by others. Readings for comments or assistance should be posted in the appropriate Reading forum.

Feel free to post to this thread with a link to any spread you find and like (remembering to give credit where it's due).

Oracle Spreads Collection - Threads From Around AT

This directory contains a sampling of various spreads that have been designed with Oracle decks in mind or work well with them.

For Specific Decks or Inspired By Them

Angel Therapy Oracle Cards - The Ascended Masters Spread (5) and The Archangel Raphael Spread (9)

The Answer Deck - Jeanette's counter clockwise 9 spread (9)

Bach Flower Inspirational Cards - Bach Flower Remedy Spread (7)

Cards of Alchemy - Star Cross Spread (4)

Enchanted Oracle deck - Spread of Light and Shadows (9)

I Ching Cards - I Ching Study Spread (13) ~Could be used with other I Ching Cards, such as I Ching Dead Moon

Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards - Four Directions Spread (4)

Madame Endora's Fortune Cards - 7 Card Spread (from this thread), The Hand of Fate Spread (5), and The Oracle of the World Spread (9) from the lwb

Medicine Cards - 4 Corners Spread

Sibilla Della Zingara Oracle Deck - Gypsy Cross Spread (5) from the lwb

Sacred Geometry Oracle - Seed of Life Spread (7) from companion booklet

Tea Leaf Fortune Cards -Tea Leaf Fortune Cards Spread (13)

Universal Love Cards - What Would You Have Me Know Today? Spread (4)

The Victorian Flower Oracle - The Bouquet Spread (7)

Created For Or Inspired By Faerie Decks such as Faeries Oracle, Heart of Faerie Oracle, Fairy Ring Oracle, and others.

Fairy Ring Oracle Spreads - lots of spreads
Alissa's Faeries Oracle Spread (3)
healing with the Faeries Oracle Spread (4)
Gossip Spread (5)
Stuck in the mud spread (5)
Faeries Pyramind Spread (6)
Best Regards Spread (7)
Octopus's Faeries Oracle Spread (7)
A Faerie Gift Spread (8)
♡ Pathwing Fae Spread (9)
The Faery Oak Ring (10)
Faery Self Spread (11)
From Deck to Deck spread (11)

Oracle Deck Friendly Spreads

Spreads for Doreen Virtue Decks
The Best Daily Spreads - Includes several spreads
3 Simple General Spreads for Combined Tarot & Oracle Readings
Quickies - Lots of 2 card spreads

Let Love Spread (1)
Catch & Release Spread (2)
When One Door Closes Another Door Opens Spread (2)
Show Me The Money Spread (3)
(I'm Gonna) Wash It Right Outta My Hair Spread (3 cards)
The Daily Mission Spread (3)
Emotional Clarity Spread (3)
A Message from My Spirit Guide Spread (4)
The Moulin Rouge Spread (4)
April Showers Spread (5)
Creative Process Spread (5)
God/dess Connection Spread (5)
Karma Spread (5)
13 Moon Oracle Spread (5)
Letting Go Spread (5)
Kinda Pissed About Not Being A Mermaid Spread (6) - created for Undersea Tarot but would work with water themed oracle decks
Re-Connection Spread (6)
Regina Russell's 6 Card Spread (6)
A walk in the woods (6)
Understanding Love (6)
The Lighthouse Spread (7)
Dragonfly Spread (7)
easy 7-card spread (7)
Chakra Cross (13)
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counting 6 impossible things before breakfast
Join Date: 01 Jan 2006
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Spreads To Be Used With Multiple Decks

New Year's Spread
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