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Lenormand Obsession #3- Noir

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Originally Posted by baylys View Post
Is that the Minute Tarot? I got your 3rd ed minute lennie. I might just wander over and have a look.......

Oh and also:
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Yep. Those are the only two tarots in print right now.

There are Minute Lennies left...but not very many.
Maybe 3? I think...
I thought I had sold one, but it turned out the customer was looking for a different Lenormand deck.

Maybe I should seal them in a time locked case, to be opened in five years, and then charge crazy prices for them?
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Mine came today Chronata, and I am very pleased with them.
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Originally Posted by Chronata View Post
Maybe I should seal them in a time locked case, to be opened in five years, and then charge crazy prices for them?
Why wait? On ebay I've seen a person selling your 3rd ed for about $60.
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tarot heart 

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It seems I forgot to post that I received my Lenormand Noir also. I am very pleased with it but I can see what problems you had with it. Not a big deal. It's a gorgeous deck. Love the backs. The fortune stone is great! I received the Dolphin! Wonderful! And the Sun pendant is lovely too! You did a great job Robyn! Do you think you will do a second edition of this deck?
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I've been lucky, if I put aside the Midnight Masquerade, I have all the decks I wanted so far: All Hallows Tarot (full deck), Tarot Noir, Chronata's Minute Lenormand, Hallowstone Oracle. And I can add Le petit Lenormand noir to the list. I dream about getting a full deck of the Midnight Masquerade Tarot one day.

I got today Le petit Lenormand noir and it's very pretty, prettier than the Minute Lenormand. I got the ladybug as talisman, I like ladybugs. I wish the Chronata's Minute Lenormand would have gotten that box too, because mine is all battered.
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I've got my deck and I absolutely LOVE IT! It is the perfect Lenormand deck for me. Finally I found my 'perfect' deck! Thank you so much Chronata.
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Bob Hollister 

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Hey folks! The lovely Chronata has opened up her webstore yet again for pre-orders of the second half of the edition, numbers 51-100! Check it!
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