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Anyone else want to try this? It's fun and amazing.

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Anyone else want to try this? It's fun and amazing.

I've noticed that when I'm just watching something on tv or in a movie, and I do my usual idle shuffling and laying out random cards (I have a habit of always fiddling with my cards) the cards will actually spell out whatever has gone on in whatever I'm watching. Here's a link to the thread I posted in Talking Tarot: Original post

I'm a true crime buff. While I was watching the series called "Killing Fields" where a semi-retired detective in Louisiana named "Rodie" Sanchez is re-working a 20 year old cold case. As I watched this program, the cards followed the facts right down the line. I like to just keep drawing cards till the cards stop talking, if that makes sense to anyone, and this time it was 10 cards before they were through "talking".

Here's what the cards showed:

For me, it seems like the more intent I am on the program I'm watching, the more relevant the cards will be.

4 of Swords--the ex-husband, when contacted about this old murder, rounded up and hid behind whatever resources he could. He hired not one attorney, but three of them and wouldn't cooperate with the detectives.

10 of Wands: He's been carrying around this situation for many years. Over 20 years. It had to prey on his mind for a lot of that time. And certainly now it's a huge burden for him.

Ace of Wands: The Ace of Wands is a phallic symbol, among other things, but phallic in this case. There was DNA in her panties from more than one source but his was the only DNA that couldn't be excluded. Of course, the source of the DNA was from semen. It was degraded because of the time she'd been in the water before being found but was clear enough that they knew he couldn't be excluded as the source of it.

9 of Swords: He's refusing to cooperate with the detectives but now he's afraid they're going to make him their main suspect so he's afraid of being arrested for the murder. He's losing a lot of sleep over it.

10 of Cups: He doesn't have feelings for her anymore. It's over between them and has been for over 20 years. He was interviewed at the time of the crime but now he says he didn't even know she was dead till the recent contact by the detectives. He's hoping they'll buy his word that

Knight of Swords: The re-opening of the cold case came rushing at him . He'd thought theucrime would just go unsolved forever. The news that they're investigating it again has come rushing at him out of the blue unexpectedly after all these years.

7 of Cups: He pleads the 5th on everything and all three lawyers are with him at the interview by the detectives, so the detectives are left just trying to figure out what really happened. The 7 of Cups in the Bonefire deck shows a pair of big green eyes depicted at the bottom the card, which could indicate a motive. He was jealous of other men (or one other man) she's been seeing.

13--(Bonefire doesn't call this card Death) Of course this is a murder case so this card is very relevant.

Justice--Rodie Sanchez promised her family all those years ago that he was going to find the person who killed Eugenie and bring them to justice and all the actions of the ex-husband are appearing against hinting that he might be the one who committed the murder. Justice might be near. Rodie is not in the best of health, but he wants to solve the case before he dies and he's thinking justice is in sight.

Does anyone else remember spreads you've done while watching TV or movies where you could follow the plot in the cards?

I wasn't reading on the show on purpose. I just noticed the cards were relevant to it as I was putting the cards down. This has happened to me many times over the years, but it never fails to fascinate me.
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