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Pole Ka tarot

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They are creepy. I like creepy. Thanks
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Well, I'm intrigued!
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LoMa  LoMa is offline
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I like it - reminds me of the Pallfy Tarot but lighter hearted.
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Originally Posted by Chimera Dust View Post
I love this! Thank you for sharing.

I'd love to know this too. I don't suppose there is, since she mentions in a comment on her page that she's looking for a publisher.
I hope she will find it as soon as possible.
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kalliope  kalliope is offline
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My goodness, these are kind of fabulous! And disturbing! I'm a little creeped out by the umbilical cords (which make me think of intestines), though.

I love the pips (other than the cords). Gorgeous rich backgrounds, love the tree branches, the cups are beautifully detailed. I just really enjoy her illustration style and coloring in general.

Originally Posted by Laura Borealis View Post
I love all the little details, like how the Roy de Coupe is spinning his cup on his fingertip. Temperance, in pouring from one cup to the other, has taken her eyes off her task and completely missed. Strength is sweating with the effort of holding the beast's mouth. Little things like that.
Totally agree with this! Love the humor, and all the details you mentioned. I was also amused by the pointing and laughing on Judgement, Le Bateleur's creepy gesture of invitation, and the horrible literal depiction of getting shot by Cupid's arrow on the Lovers. I like the coins for eyes in the Deniers, and adore the expressive eyebrows: everyone is either mean or worried/sad. The Reyne de Deniers has a great expression, the way La Papesse reads the bible seems funny for no good reason I can explain, and I like that the Valet de Deniers vomits coins.

Originally Posted by VioletEye View Post
it almost reminds me a little of edward gorey
I can see that!
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I like these, but they are not my style. Good art and the less scary cards are stunning.

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this would have made a great halloween deck
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This is one weird deck. I'm not sure if I like it or not. I like it but I don't like it, you know? I think it was the card with the horse with its eyes......ooh, jeez.

I still wouldn't mind owning it, though.
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Babalon Jones 

Mixed feelings on this one. Some of the images I like but I can't deal with eyes being poked out. Just, no, not for me because of that even if I loved the rest that would prevent me from buying it. And the umbilical cord thing is too weird. But I get the Edward Gorey vibe.
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pirate borealis
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Laura Borealis 

The umbilical cords are part of what I love about it.

I see an uncut sheet on her Facebook page, so she must be getting close to release. I hope it won't be terribly expensive. (Nothing against artists charging what they feel their work is worth, god knows they are usually criminally underpaid.)
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