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Ruud's Avatar
Ruud  Ruud is offline
Join Date: 26 Apr 2015
Location: ZAR
Posts: 46

I like the Druidcraft deck.
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Wendywu  Wendywu is offline
Thursday's Child
Join Date: 03 May 2008
Location: ...
Posts: 29,614

Tie between two - Jean Noblet TdM and Tarot de Maria Celia (another TdM). I honestly can't pick between them.
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Miss Divine's Avatar
Miss Divine  Miss Divine is offline
Join Date: 05 Apr 2007
Location: An enchanted home
Posts: 2,545
Miss Divine 

Baroque Bohemian Cats and Victorian Romantic. I think the BBC because that is the deck I really studied when starting out. And the VR, well the images spoke immediately to me. In the end this is the deck I have spent the most time with from all of my decks.

I have a close follow up, but I won't mention it since we are only supposed to choose one.
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meeka4monty  meeka4monty is offline
Join Date: 28 Oct 2013
Location: Australia
Posts: 47

Yes, same for me too - the Druidcraft.
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Citrin's Avatar
Citrin  Citrin is offline
Join Date: 27 Mar 2005
Location: Sweden
Posts: 2,321

The good ol' RWS. I guess it's because I know it so well, the images are basically stuck in my brain, and seeing them feels like coming home.
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Le Fanu's Avatar
Le Fanu  Le Fanu is offline
Join Date: 10 Feb 2008
Location: Somewhere Spooky
Posts: 17,258
Le Fanu 

Probably the Thoth. Which is weird because I always have this accute sense of not really, truly being an expert and knowing the deck inside out. And yet if I'm reading for others, I know it's the one which will give me most concise answers and be most effortlessly readable on the table.

And yet there is still so much I need to learn about the Thoth. But I'd be lying if I didn't say it was my most readable.
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pickled pixie's Avatar
pickled pixie  pickled pixie is offline
Join Date: 11 Jan 2006
Location: Sitting on a cloud looking down...
Posts: 569
pickled pixie 

The Anna K. For me. The images remind me of something out of a child's storybook. It's so easy to read.
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someones_princess  someones_princess is offline
Join Date: 06 Jan 2015
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Posts: 45

Shadowscapes - I am still learning the meanings but I find this one the easiest by far, the cards just tell me what they mean immediately!
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Aeric's Avatar
Aeric  Aeric is offline
Magical Dreamer
Join Date: 11 Feb 2004
Location: Toronto, Canada
Posts: 1,452

It's still the Gay Tarot for me, and only because it's been the one deck I poured my heart and soul into writing a 100-page journal/personal guidebook. I was so thorough, and the readability is so precise, that it's mentally cornered me now. I can't read for other people with this deck any more, because every time I turn a card I instantly see how it applies to me rather than them, creating my own block.

I've finally managed to put the Gay deck away for some time now and focus on others. But I know none of them will ever have the instant readability and connection that it does because I won't be as exhaustive.
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Linfang  Linfang is offline
Join Date: 02 Apr 2013
Location: Middle of Nowhere in Germany
Posts: 605

I'd say Anna K and Vision Quest. Both feature simple art but are very expressive.
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