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Hexen 2.0 tarot---by Susanne Treister

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delinfrey  delinfrey is offline
Join Date: 19 Jul 2015
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CharlotteK - I hope I am! I can't recommend this deck enough. It completely forces you out of all your comfort zones and pushes you towards really going deep with the Tarot archetypes. Like understanding King of Wands - the King of Fire - He Who Can Control Lightning - Nikola Tesla... OH dear.. Have to get the deck out now...
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kittydorkdork  kittydorkdork is offline
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Location: Los Angeles
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I've been interested in this deck for so long! I became obsessed with trying to get my hands on it. I saw it on Amazon, used, at astronomical prices (always over $400).

I found a website to buy it at a good price but it wasn't working. I messaged the artists and she has a friend who sells it for $80 or so. That was way too much for me.

Then I saw that it was available for pre-order on Amazon. But the release date kept getting pushed back and eventually I gave up on stalking it again.

CharlotteK, thank you so much for the link! I'll have to get it from there if I give up on Amazon.
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DarkYarns  DarkYarns is offline
Join Date: 30 Jun 2014
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Just an FYI that I received my shipping notice for this deck from Barnes and Noble, so apparently they actually do have it in stock. I'll believe it when it's in my hot little hands!
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illyria  illyria is offline
Join Date: 18 Mar 2015
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I haven't taken this deck out in quite a while, but I must! I love this deck—it's peculiar, and sometimes downright strange, but it does give you interesting readings if you're willing to work with it.
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CharlotteK  CharlotteK is offline
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I just got notice of shipping from Wordery. That's the order I thought I'd cancelled. Book Depository are also sending me one... oops!

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VGimlet  VGimlet is offline
"and you can't make me..."
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I do own this deck, and have used it as a tarot for a week. It wasn't an easy deck by any means, and I don't think I put it on my "more later" list, but I did find it really interesting. For me it was more art than Tarot - BUT fascinating stuff.

I'm glad to see it's being re-printed. I think it would resonate with some folks.
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Le Fanu 

Originally Posted by VGimlet View Post
I'm glad to see it's being re-printed. I think it would resonate with some folks.
Yes. I think the problem I have with this deck is that it is an entirely "theory" deck. I like tarot that conveys the visuals. The ideal deck for me is a deck that really doesn't need a book. You just look and look hard. There are decks like the Thoth which I love and which also - obviously - have a lot of theory behind them but the visuals and symbolism loom very large. I find this deck too text based and low on actual "visual" reading, which is what I came to tarot for in the first place all those years ago.

I look at the Hexen (I have the first edition) and would rather just read a book about the subject to be honest.
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euripides  euripides is offline
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oh this is *such* an interesting deck. The history of science... control.. so many places I connect with this.

I'm reminded of the 'readability formula' thread here - ok, largely unreadable for many intents and purposes but this strikes me as an important deck. These are small artworks. It's serious art that connects an old tradition with the contemporary world in a really interesting way.
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Patrick Booker  Patrick Booker is offline
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Patrick Booker 

Just ordered this from Amazon UK. Looks fascinating. Anyone attracted to these ideas might find this author of interest:

Of course, this is only an impression, but Hendrix does seek to combine magical systems and computer technology in his fiction. I look forward to investigating some of Ms. Treister's unusual writings.

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earthair  earthair is offline
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Thanks to the enabling my copy arrived yesterday. Shame I couldn't get it out of the box without tearing the flap though! It could have done with a slightly bigger box and a lwb.

There's about a weeks worth of Googling and sleuthing to be done with each card. I can't see this being any use as a tarot deck, but it's an amazing and thought provoking library of art and thought.
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