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Interesting Combinations using a three card system for courts

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Originally Posted by moon_shadow
Hi, LB. I've been using this new way of reading lately whenever I do my practice 3 card spread! It's been so much fun.
I am slowly but beginning to understand it , was doing ok until I started to read back on my relationship readings according to this method, and I got a bit confused at times because of how questions were asked
These type of questions got me stuck.
I did this, too--going back over some past readings, and although one, in particular, was astoundingly accurate, I have rethought this. I think that you really can't go back and reread past spreads too well using a different method now than you used back then. For one thing, it's my feeling that when you do a reading, part of its (hopeful) accuracy is knowing the spread you are using beforehand, if you are using one. And if you had no knowledge of this method when you did the original reading, the throw can't accurately respond to this.

Just a thought as I continue to contemplate this method and practice using it!
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Originally Posted by starrystarrynight
....And if you had no knowledge of this method when you did the original reading, the throw can't accurately respond to this.
How cards talked to me then was through what method I used at the time..- the cards had already they can't re-adjust themselves to this new method now just cause I learned this new way, and re-tell(is that even a word?) it.

I see what you are saying. (hope I understood it right)

I would have never thought about that. Thank you!
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Little Baron 

Everyone is bringing such interesting stuff to the table. Thanks for that.

I agree. I think that whatever you counted on and used to aid your readings previously, are part of your history and it might not be so beneficial to go back and try to re-read.

For example, I read for my friend the other night with my Hermetic.

A king came up and I considered it might be her husband.

In reading the lwb this morning, I note that the 'king' is actually in place of where I am used to seeing a traditional knight. In the Hermetic, it goes Knight, Queen, King, Princess.

So do I get back to my mate and say 'hang-on', I think I wrongly identified the body ?

No, of course not. What I saw was what I saw. It felt right to me. And it made sense to her.

Next time, however, I will try to relate to the system in place for the deck, as I learn more about it.

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Astraea Aurora 

Hi Little Baron,

first I want to say THANK YOU. This method makes so much sense to me. I love it. It's the first time I don't bother anymore 'Is this court card me or X or Y ...?' You're fantastic!

I practice with my cards now every day and it has occured to me that two pip cards show up and one Major. I know you said if no court card appears then it's all about me. But I wonder if certain Majors couldn't represent people too. I had this with the Hermit, with the Sun and the Fool that I stumpled and started questioning myself if those are people too.

Anything to help me?

Astraea Aurora
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Little Baron 


Since it is a playing card method that I have borrowed this system from, there is no majors to consider. But when used for tarot cards, I suppose that in some readings, it might make sense to see a major as a person. I often see my friend as The Sun or my father as The Emperor. I don't think that I would do this in every read, since I find the Sun is an important bridge of warmth between cards [or it has been for me in the last week] .. but on some occasions, if your gut tells you it is a person, go with it.

I think the important thing is to adapt this method to suit you and your deck.

I am glad you brought this thread up again. Like you, I owe a lot to Deborah Leigh for bringing it to my attention. It has changed my readings completely. I taught it to my friend at the weekend. It took her a bit of time to grasp, but when she did [as a total beginner], she was amazed by how it actually helped her 'read' the cards. She was saying 'now this is me ... and I recognise this person ... we have this exchange between us ... and that guy has ulterior motives' etc. It really opened up the pictures for her and helped her understand the space between each card; how they interract.

One thing we did notice, when teaching, was how different decks work with this method better than others. It seemed that the simpler packs were more effective. Also, those with pictures that were more close up. The Gilded was ok, but a bit too jumbled. But the Margarete Petersen was too vague. And there was a little too much going on in the Kaos. The best, by far, was the Morgan Greer, followed by the Renaissance. A Marseille or pip deck is also very effective. Because this method is brash and simple, a deck with a simple 'here it is' images helps each card become just one word in a sentence. It makes things less confusing. The courts in the Morgan Geer are large and their directions in which they face help a lot. Just an observation.

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Thumbs up

Thumbs Up!
I've struggled and grumbled with court cards and this finally gives me a sigh of relief....It always seemed so complicated with the for another question. I usually draw extra cards for clarification...What would courts in these mean? Usually it's one or two thrown in.Do you use these?
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Little Baron 

I don't ever use cards for clarification, so I am not sure how they would be used. I think that because this method gives such definite understanding of who you are and where they are, it doesn't need so much clarification. I think it would have to be down to your own instinct. I wouldn't want another court to interfere too much within the read, so I wouldn't necessarily do this. I suppose you could always look at it as a little extra guidance for yourself. Whether you are presented in the throw or not, and draw the 'Page of Cups' for clarification, you could always see him as a way to enhance the situation - to be more playful and loveing, perhaps.

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Originally Posted by celticnoodle
L.B. I find it fascinating how you read the court cards in this case, and since I do a lot of spreads that incorporate 3 cards in each of the positions, I'm going to study your way more and try it. it's a great idea!

I've copied your original post to have handy for future reference. thank you again for sharing this.
Okay, since I've read your court card system, I've tried it out with my readings with amazing results! It has truly made reading the courts much easier! I am very happy that you shared this with us, L.B.!
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Little Baron 

Me too CN. Even though it is not my method initially, I am so pleased to see people using it and getting results from it after I shared it on the board.

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First of all, like others - I thank you for sharing this spread, LB.
I think I'll use it with my Rider-Waite style decks, while sticking to practizing Elemental Dignities with my Thoth. Mixing things will only just confuse me I think.

Originally Posted by Little Baron
The one thing that I do stick to with this kind of reading, when it comes to position 2 and 3, is that the gender is fixed. ...
Whatever gender, that first card [if a court] is always you. But if a queen hits the second or third place, she will always be a woman and not a feminine aspect of a male. ... But you can adapt to suit your own criteria.

I think I'll adapt my own criterium for the gender issue, and apply the rule for court cards in position #1 to cards in #2 and #3 as well.

For example, today for fun, I asked about my relationship to my husband, having the QoW coming up in #two, minors in #1 and #3. My first take is, that she depicts his female aspects, his sensual, playful feelings towards me etc.

(Otherwise I think I have something seriously to talk with him about :o))

Anyway, I'll start practising this.

K. Gazel.
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