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List: Which historical tarot decks do you have?

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So far I only have a golden Visconti Tarot from Lo Scarabeo, and a reproduction Marseille deck of unknown provenance. I recently bought a mini Visconti which should arrive tomorrow.
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JylliM  JylliM is offline
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In order of acquisition:

Universal Marseilles
Ancient Italian
Visconti Sforza (Pierpont Morgan)
Chosson (Reynaud, Houdoin)
Noblet (Flornoy)
Golden Wirth grand trumps
Soprafino (Meneghello)
Golden Tarot of Visconti
Jean Pierre Payen 1713 (Reynaud, Houdoin)
Pierre Madenie 1709 (2016 Reynaud, Houdoin)
Robledo (2016) *
*These might not fit the criteria for inclusion here

Not tarot:
Playing cards of Jost Amman
French Cartomancy Deck (Lenormand)
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Nemia  Nemia is offline
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My little collection:

Ancient Italian
Ancient Liguria-Piedmont
CBD Convers Ben Dov
Etteilla Thoth (does it belong here at all?)
Golden Visconti
Il Lombardi Daneggiato (Gumppenberg NeoClassical unchanged but aged articially)
Tarot of the Master - Vacchetta
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Oversized hobbit
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Oversized hobbit

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If you mean pre-RWS...

Grimaud TdM (but it's the mini version)
Ancient Italian

and that's it, I think...
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As far as I know, I only have 4:

Fournier Le Tarot de Marseille
Convers Tarot de Marseille (The Tarot Box by Thunder Bay)
Tarot de Marseilles Pierre Madeniť 1709
LS Golden Tarot of Visconti
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empress's dress 

noblet tdm
chosson tdm
dodal tdm
ancient italian
mitelli tarocchini
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Wheel of Fantastic  Wheel of Fantastic is offline
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Wheel of Fantastic 

I originally thought only one or two historical decks would be necessary as a non-collector. Right? WRONG!

Flornoy Dodal
Flornoy Noblet (2014 edition)
Pierre Madenie 1709 (Reynaud 2016 edition)
Claude Burdel 1751 (Reynaud)
Francois Heri 1718 (Reynaud)
Ancient Italian Tarot

Non-historical Marseille/Marseille related decks:

Fournier TdM
Grimaud Ancien TdM (Current and vintage 70s editions)
Robledo 2016 edition
Jodorowsky and Camoin TdM
Trionfi della Luna

Yep, 'I only need one or two Marseille decks' somehow led to the above.
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XII. The Hanging Cat
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XII. The Hanging Cat

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Time to update my list! Visconti heavy, as intended!

I don't know if my categories make sense, but here we go!

(I have a few of those Lo Scarabeo oracles and Lenormands that are photo repros, but they look to be from after 1910, so I'm not including them.)

ETA: The LS Lenormand Oracle (which is a clean repro of the same deck as Seven's Vintage German Lenormand) looks very Edwardian, which is pre-1910, so I'm adding it here.

Photo or Close Reproductions
Ancient Enlightened Tarot (Sola Busca)
Ancient Italian Tarot
Ancient Tarot of Bologna (LS 1780)
Budapest Tarot
Cary-Yale Visconti Tarot (US Games)
Golden Tarot of the Renaissance (Estensi)
Golden Tarot: The Visconti-Sforza Deck
Golden Wirth Tarot Grand Trumps
Tarot of the Master (LS Vacchetta)
Tarot of Marseille Grand Trumps
Tarot of Marseille Mini
Tarot de Marseille (Mary Packard Madenie)
I Naibi di G. Vacchetta
Tarocco Neoclassico Milano
1JJ Swiss Tarot
Tarocco Soprafino di F. Gumppenberg, Milano 1835, 314/2000
Tarot Deck (Chancellor Press Marseille)
Tarocchi Visconti di Modrone, XV Sec. (Il Meneghello Cary-Yale Visconti)
Visconti Sforza Tarot (US Games)

Angel Tarot (US Games Marseille redrawing)
Oswald Wirth Tarot
Spanish Tarot
Universal Tarot of Marseille
Visconti Tarot (LS)
Visconti Tarot Grand Trumps
Visconti Tarot Mini (LS)

French Cartomancy (Dondorf Lenormand)
Game of Hope Lenormand
Lenormand Oracle
Mantegna Tarot (LS)
16th Century German Cards (Jost Amman cards)
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