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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step SEVEN

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Originally Posted by Hemera View Post
Personally: I need to come to terms with the loss of my mother. I need to spin gold of the straw she gave me.
what a beautiful image! thank you for sharing ...
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I've been working on this step for a few days and thought I'd check the thread for some inspiration.....argggggh, bad idea. You guys are all a lot better at this than I am.

ETA: You're still all a lot better at this than I am, but I must've gotten some inspiration, I was finally able to finish the step....
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21 Ways - Step 7

Step SEVEN - Dark Carnival Tarot, The Hierophant

7-1-1. Synthesize keywords into an integrated statement for each of the following cards
Page of Pentacles (court, page, earth)
A young person who is curious about nature.
An immature attitude toward money.
Developing the practical aspects of one's personality.

In this deck: Joker of Duckets.
My intrepid attitude enables me to find the path to success amid worldly distractions.

8 of Swords (pip, 8, air)
A situation that restricts communication.
Re-evaluating an opinion about what action to take.
Feeling guilty about resurrecting a past event.

In this deck: 8 of Axes.
I'm trapped in my own mind as I try to think my way out of a situation I can't control.

Wheel of Fortune (trump, 10, fire)
Cosmic energies bring transformation.
Harvesting the spiritual fruit of a life lesson.
Ambition cannot overcome the power of karma.

In this deck: The Wheel in the Sky
The universe is reborn from the still point at the center of whirling energies.

Ace of Cups (ace, 1, water)
The beginning of a romantic relationship - well DUH.
Nourishing the seed of a new opportunity.
Great potential for a psychic breakthrough.

In this deck: Ace of Faygos.
A wellspring of emotional tranquility enables me to undertake a fresh start.

7-1-2. Do the same for your chosen card
The Hierophant (trump, 5, earth)
Learning how to bring order to chaos.
The material world in conflict with one's inmost being.
Struggling to internalize success.
An overarching worldview out of sync with the real world around you.
Idealism rocked by reality.
Mastery of the physical realm reflecting the accomplishment of synthesis with an archetypal power.

(Yeesh, I have no idea where some of these are coming from. Let's try to broaden the range now...)

Mastery of the soul enables one to manifest success in the realm of worldly conflict.

Success in the realm of worldly conflict depends upon mastery of the soul.

Lessons in daily living don't matter if you don't pay attention to governing universal principles.

If I learn to channel universal principles I can manage what life throws at me on a day-to-day basis.

(Okay, THAT feels Hierophant-y and in line with the card image. Let's see how I can apply it to my life now.)

Oh, the world is definitely throwing things at me on a day-to-day basis, I feel like I can't get anything done because there are so MANY things that everyone expects me to do. I'm running twice as fast just to keep up and I have no time for myself. I need to stop listening to other people's expectations and find my own place in the world, find the meaning of my own life, learn how to bring all the elements into balance and channel positive energy deep into my core. I need to stop, look, and listen...find the higher power that can guide me to a place where the transient remains transient and I remain whole.

7-1-3. Create a further synthesis from...everything you've explored so far

Learning requires leaving my comfort zone and opening my mind to foreign influences that I may find frightening or distasteful. But by accepting that I don't know everything and must become humble and apprentice myself to the wisdom of those who have more experience and longer practice than I do, I'll expand my horizons until I achieve mastery. If my skill and intelligence draw attention to me, I can use my influence to teach others in turn; by giving back, I can retain humility and remember that I'm not the end-all be-all of existence. A higher power governs my life and all I can do is hope to get in touch with it and channel it back into the world.
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thanks for all this insight into the hierophant. it's a card that i often find a bit difficult to relate to, so it's good to know that there is someone who is studying it so that i can learn from it.
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Originally Posted by fractalgranny View Post
thanks for all this insight into the hierophant. it's a card that i often find a bit difficult to relate to, so it's good to know that there is someone who is studying it so that i can learn from it.
I definitely have had a lot of difficulty relating to it before! He's really becoming much more open and engaging since I've started concentrating so hard on him. I still don't feel entirely comfortable but he's no longer so closed-off and intimidating.
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21 Ways: Step Seven

Step SEVEN: Radiant Rider-Waite, Six of Cups

(Hecky thump, I found this one a challenge! I hope it's coherent.)

7-1 (a) Synthesize keywords into an integrative statement for each of these cards:

Page of Pentacles: beginnings (rank) + achievement (suit) + results (earth element) =
This card holds a young energy, pertaining to a person or perhaps a trait. It represents a higher beginning, and as such encourages the “Page” to be successful in his endeavour, whether that be related to money, career or achievement, but also in inspiring positive results of trust and confidence.

Eight of Swords: restraint (number) + conflict (suit) + lack of confidence (air element) =
This card represents an involuntary stasis, of an insecurity or confusion about the way that one should go. A fear that straying from the familiar path might lead us into the unknown with its resulting loss of control.

Wheel of Fortune: opportunity (trump) + optimism (fire element) =
This card has the feeling of movement, of being swept up inside one's destiny, with opportunities to be clutched or perhaps to take a ride on luck. An optimism that we shall be deposited, at last, outside of the whirlwind with a clearer understanding.

Ace of Cups: potential (rank) + emotion (suit) + joy (water element) =
This card carries with it the flurry of potential, of all that could be if one might realise it. An opportunity for overflowing warmth, for love and insight, the attainment and empowerment of which might lead to an ultimate joy.

7-1 (b) Do the same for the Six of Cups:

Six of Cups: support (number) + affection (suit) + empathy (water element) =
There is a strong supportive energy to this card. It encourages the desire to help with no expectation of self-gain. A purity of affection and of empathy, exuding an innocence and genuine warmth.

Six of Cups: union (number) + relationships (suit) + nurturing (water element) =
With a positive emphasis upon one's family and of childhood, and the relationships therein, it encourages the chance to look within oneself, to realise one's own potential to nurture and to grow.

Six of Cups: social concerns (number) + home (suit) + protecting (water element) =
Encouraging an understanding of one's social concerns, the importance of sharing and of offering help to one who has need of it. An emphasis on the home, and of the protective cocoon we build around those we love and care for.

Of these three statements, I feel the first to be most true. Sometimes I fall short on sharing my time with others. I enjoy helping and don't expect anything in return, but still need to remember that more time = better.

7-1 (c) Create a further synthesis from everything explored so far:

A call-back to one's youth – to an innocence where the reactions of others could never be anticipated; where help could be offered without any fear of rebuttal or hostility. A need to re-learn the innocence, perhaps, then, otherwise to find the danger of restricting one's own good heart.
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21 Ways: Step Seven

Illuminated Tarot
Eight of Cups


Page of Pentacles
A grounded young person who has a strong sense of community.
A young person or apprentice who is learning a skill or craftsmanship.
An immature person who is learning a lesson about responsibility.

Eight of Swords
The Eight of Swords is about life situations in which the re-direction of the eights combines with the conflict and struggle of the swords.
The eight of swords offers the opportunity to redirect energy away from a struggle.
The eight of swords suggests that the querent is resigned to a conflict.
The eight of swords suggests that ambition is thwarted by lack of persistence.

X. The Wheel of Fortune
Number: Ten
Element: Fire
Mode: Trumps (Why?)
The Wheel of Fortune
The Wheel of Fortune indicates the need to learn (trumps) how to face new life situations (tens) with courage and optimism (fire).

Ace of Cups
The Ace of Cups indicates that a situation can be best influenced by listening to one's gut instincts (intuition).
The Ace of Cups suggests that the querent's question regards family, love, and emotions.


Eight of Cups
The Eight of Cups suggests that it is time to reevaluate and leave (Eight) an unhappy (cups) situation (mode).
The Eight of Cups suggests that the querent needs to acknowledge (Eights) her lack of direction (cups) in creating the present situation (mode).
The Eight of Cups suggests that the querent's lack of restraint or control of her emotions has influenced the present situation.
The Eight of Cups suggests that the querent has re-evaluated her situation and is inspired to
move toward her own happiness.
All of these statements seem true and relate toward my decision to leave an unhappy work situation for a less toxic work environment.

The Eight of Cups suggests that the querent has let herself fall into an unsatisfactory situation through lack of discrimination and complacency or "going with the flow." She's acknowledged the role she played in creating the current situation, and is determined to use greater self-mastery to create a more nurturing situation. Determination to work on the causes of depression instead of wallowing in unhappiness.
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21ways - step 7

okay, english is not my mother language
so, i think i need a dictionary here to support my vocabulary

** Page of Pentacles.
page: young, feminine, beginnings, starts,

pentacles as coins in my deck: material, physical evidence, appearance, experience

earth element: firm, stable, shaped, grounded, bases, foundations

- well dressed young beautiful woman
- new income resources
- brand new experiences
- frest start of a foundation
- forming resources/experiences to stabilization

** Eight of Swords.
#8: stabilization, firm, loop, too grounded

swords: 2sides, hurts, pains, thoughts, logic, mind, skills, communication

air element: flexible, seperate, adaptable

- 2sides of thoughts
- 2ways of seeing things
- flexible and adaptable logical mind
- stuck in loop of thoughts
- stuck between stabilization and flexibility, seperate and firm
- words hurt

** Wheel of Fortune.
major: fate, up and down, rollercoster, rolling, moving, flowing, above power

the wheel in my deck is under rule of Jupiter: luck, fortune

- fate is moving
- flowing with the above power
- up and down of luck
- fortune is a rollercoster ride

** Ace of Cups.
ace: beginnings, starts, individual, pure

cups: emotions, love, friendship, romance, joys,

water element: comfortable, flexible, adaptable, cool, gentle

- beginning of a love, friendship
- pure joys, romances
- gentle love
- comfortable relationship
- cool, flexible and adaptable characteristic

** king of cups
king: mature, male, manly, power, leader, authority, royal, loyal, wisdom, knowledge, master

cups: emotions, love, friendship, romance, joys,

water element: comfortable, flexible, adaptable, cool, gentle

- mature love, friendship
- loyal relationships
- master of emotions, master of romance
- flexible and adaptable power
- comfortable leader
- gentle authority
- wisdom in understanding emotions

now, that's amazingly right about my romantic relationship
we have a really mature love, we think for each other, we care for each other, and we 're loyal to each other (in fact, being together for over 3yrs, we had cheated on each other once or twice but we always told the truth, no hiding, then we apologized, forgiveness was hard but it was just a soft moment of mind, there was nothing serious so why bothered)
i really know how to do romance and understand what ppl around me is feeling but he is the one who really knows how to make both of us's emotions stable
he leads our relationship but it is very gentle and comfortable (despite his sun sign is aries lol)

and we are really easy to adapt with surround environments including school, work place or neighborhoods

that's what we always are complimented so althought it is slightly subjective, it might be right over 80%
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** Page of Pentacles.
Pages are the inexperienced beginners. Their mode, the Court Card, indicates a Who.
Pentacles are earth, so they are about money, security, growing, and the body.

Some interpretations could be:
Starting a new course of study.
Starting a new investment
Taking a gym class

** Eight of Swords.
Eights are about regeneration, redirection, control, restraint, progress, regiment, methodize.
Swords are about wit, struggle, justice, reason.

Some interpretations could be:
Struggling to find a direction.
Not thinking logically (= restraint + reason).
Self-deception through bad logic (control + wit)
Finding the right course of action (progress + wit or justice)

** Wheel of Fortune.
The Wheel is a 10. Tens are about wholeness, karma, necessity, renewal.
The Wheen is a card of Fire in the system I use. Fire is about passion, energy, action, optimism

Some interpretation could be:
Being optimist about your changes in life.
Good changes are coming
Being rewarded for your efforts
Having the patience and optimism to re-start a bad situation, to make it right

** Ace of Cups.
Aces are about newness, seed, potenciality, beginning, intent, birth.
Cups are about emotion, psychic, spirituality, inspiration.

Some interpretations could be:
Meeting someone new
Be ready to receive love
Opening of your psychic channels
Finding a new faith
Be inspired to write a new poem/novel

Now let's try with my card, Judgement.
Judgement is a Major Arcana. The Major Arcana cards are the "why", the causes of events, the lessons to be learned and the archetypal energies at work in life.
Judgement is also a 2. Twos are about choice, reaction and wisdom
Finally, Judgement is a fire card. Fire is about passion, energy, action, optimism.

Some interpretations could be:
Having the guts to face the consequences of your actions.
Confessing a crime.
Choosing between forgiving and vengeance.
Being arrested.
Telling your partner that you don't love them/want to marry them.
Learning from your mistakes.

How many of them seems true? The only one I am not convinced about is being arrested.

The third point asks to include a synthesys of the previous steps too.

Face judgement with head held high.
Judge fairly
Be compassionate

How does it relate to my life right now?

It relates a lot, because that's what I am doing now: facing the consequences of my actions. I didn't commit any crime XD, there are just past actions and decisions that shape the life I am leading now.
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21 Ways - Steampunk

Step SEVEN - Stampunk (Moore) - 5 of Wands

1. The Page of Pentacles could represent:
-receiving a job offer or promotion
-an inheritance (or money, a house, or items)
-an immature attitude towards money, work, or one's health
-the potential to manifest your goals
-a risky financial investment
-beginning a new diet or workout regimen

The Eight of Swords could represent:
-struggling to adjust to a new situation
-having complex or mixed thoughts about something
-re-evaluating one's decision
-a situation in which you'll need to communicate effectively/carefully
-rebuilding after a conflict
-acknowledging an error in something you said

The Wheel of Fortune could represent:
-the fulfilment of one's inspiration
-completion of a project
-retiring from a job
-starting a new stage in one's life
-amplified creativity, energy, or ambition
-transforming your passion into reality

The Ace of Cups could represent:
-meeting someone new
-an opportunity for happiness or joy
-something that will spark your imagination
-pregnancy/birth of a child
-being focused on one's relationships

2. The 5 of Wands could represent:
-a situation that will inspire change
-a passionate act that will lead to adversity
-a problem that will require innovation to solve
-a risky and uncertain event
-loss of enthusiasm about a situation
-a spiritual/internal conflict

Of these, 'a risky and uncertain event' seems to fit the card best, and 'a spiritual/internal conflict' seems most linked to my life at the moment.
I've been changing a lot lately. In the past 4 months or so I've had a change of heart about many things, and have been searching for 'me'. I sometimes find myself falling into old thoughts/emotions/habits, but I know they're not good for me. I'm trying to push forward and grow, but often struggle with this, especially since I'm not sure where I'm trying to go!

3. Based on exercises 2-4, this particular image seems to portray an ambitious and intuitive action that leads conflict and adversity.
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