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Mind Body Spirit Festivals - Australia

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Lightbulb Mind Body Spirit Festivals - Australia

I'm preparing to launch my small business as a professional tarot reader and am considering doing the Mind Body Spirit Festival. I'm hoping to hear from others who have done these in Australia. This is the major city Mind Body Spirit Festival, not new age festivals in general, although any advice is welcome!

What have people's experiences been? What is the set-up inside the psychic reading rooms like and what do you think of it? How much space is available for each reader?

I'm hoping it could be a useful marketing opportunity. Have you had much repeat business from reading at MBS?

What preparation do you do? What do you pack?

What are the pros and cons? I'm hoping that even if it's not directly useful for the business, it will be good to do for the experience and intensive practice.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help out with their pearls of wisdom!
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Demon Goddess 

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I haven't done one there, or here, for that matter, so I can't help, but the best piece of advice I got was:

1. Make sure that you have an assistant who can handle visitors while you're doing a reading AND gofer stuff that you might need... water, food, etc.


3. Have Fun!
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Hi Lavandula, I just went to tthe MBS festival in Brisbane last Friday and while I didn't participate in the reading room, what I can tell you is they had about 60 readers and they were set up in a largish area. There were pictures of each reader with a small bio underneath and a number so you chose who you wanted a reading from and paid for it at the counter, took your ticket and waited your turn......

Your best bet would be to contact the organisers, they should be able to give you all the info that you need... you will probably find some information here that will help.

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Join Date: 12 Apr 2008
Location: Victoria, Australia
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Thank you both for your replies!

Demon Goddess - I imagine the potential of back-to-back readings will be quite intense, so KISS is great advice!

Star-Willow - thanks for describing the reading room and the ticket system, good to know! I contacted the coordinator and he's sent me the application form. I'm after people's impressions of being there and working there, so your reply was great.

Anyone else have stories to share?
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Little Hare 

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I went to the MBS festival in sydney to get a reading (i'm not professional) and it was stuffy, Noisy, cramped. whilst waiting for a reading ( i had pre-booked an appointment), I noticed that readers were not given adequate breathing time to prepare for each seperate client. Readers had very little space from each other... I found that it was difficult for me as a client to concentrate on what the reader was saying because i could hear other readers talking......

As a paying client i would not get a reading from MBS at all. I hope that others will tune in here and share there experiances.
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