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First fair tomorrow - Nervous!

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First fair tomorrow - Nervous!

OK, I am going to my very first fair tomorrow as a professional tarot reader and to say the least I am starting to have lots of buterflies in the pit of my stomach! But I hope and believe that I will have the best of times!

Wish me luck!
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sporadic magic
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sporadic magic

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I did a fair last weekend and it was lots of fun! Have a wonderful time and good luck! (Drink lots of water!)
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Sheri  Sheri is offline
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Good luck to you! You will do fine!

Yes! Drink a lot of water!

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Card Reader/Fortune Teller

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I'm excited for you! I can't wait to hear how it goes for you. I know you're going to do wonderfully!
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Keep yourself Centred and lots of deep breathes slowly.......

You will be fine..... make sure you have a checklist.......with what you need...

Cloth, decks, Crystals, pad and pen, business cards, flyers, incense(if allowed) oil burner......etc....

Drink, nibbles....etc...... to keep your energy levels up.......

take care of your needs....

Good luck and have fun......I always love doing fairs, expos etc....

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Lots of luck to you! Remember to breathe down into your belly. You will be wonderful!
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Good luck - you know you can do this; you'll be just fine! Don't forget what a joy it is to help people connect with the information that Tarot has in store for them!
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I know that you can and will do wonderfully. I have complete faith in you and nothing less than that.

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<shouting helpful advice from the sidelines> Drink lots of water! And know where the nearest toilet is at all times! (people forget to mention that)
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Also if your in the open, take some nice stones with you , to place on the cards to stop the wind spreading your spreads further than the table.
Unless of course you've done a speed reading course and can deliver a reading like a horse race caller.

A shade hat too.

Table cloth clips to hold down the reading rug too.

You dont need luck, FAIR well !
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