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third year at the dryden fair , 2012

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third year at the dryden fair , 2012

Thursday first day

I got to my designated area only to find two garbage cans where I was supposed to move the table,, in front of my tarot sign that I left there the night before. I promptly took the garbage cans and put them outside where I was sitting was at the entrance so It wasn’t like I moved them out of the place.
The night before I went to scope out where I was going to be,, and put the sign that I just paid 85 dollars there that quite frankly I wasn’t’ happy with due to the fact it was flimsy despite the artwork on it.
The man at the sign place said come back after when we got the frame for an additional 50 dollars we will reprint the sign and put it on there. I couldn’t pay for a frame anyways as it wasn’t’ in my budget so I had to take it as is.
The sign itself is one side black and the other side yellow as a hinged side., it wasn’t even strong enough to stand the breeze so I had to put it on the table besides me.

So I got there and set up the red tablecloth, took out the cards,, shuffled them all to make sure they were ready to go and I waited for my first customer.

If memory serves,, the first year I made 40 to 50 and last year I made 80 on the first day.

Today it started out with a lady asking for a 40 dollar reading that was general and told me “you just read the cards , you don’t’ ask questions right “ and I said generally,,
But I did ask a question when it came to the heirophant and answered her question when it came to the soul message.

I had one card reading where the cliented asked if it would work out with the boyfriend and it was the two of cups reversed and I said probably not because , and she asked why not,, and I explained what the card meant when it was upright,, and when it was reversed what it meant to me, and her friend started laughing and said that is so true.

Then I had a teenager come in and ask about for a general 3 card reading,, I pull the knight of garlic flowers as it was the vampire tarot and I promptly sent away her friend and said,, this card says in the past you have a met an older fellow online and he is telling you how much he likes you.. And she said as she was 16, that 4 years ago that happened and he disappeared and I said to her that he did have good intentions and probably disappeared when he realized how old you were.
From there I forgot the rest of the reading but I said at the end when she asked question about it that I said “this may start a cylce with you that when you are 17 , you will meet a 24 year old who will say how much he loves you but just want you for your body,, you have to be careful of these things,, so keep an eye out “.

And the best reading where I had hits was a chakra reading I did for a nice native lady ,, where are the hits..
The king of wands reversed in the heart,, I had to ask 2 question to narrow it down,, you lost your dad, , she volunteered about 2 years ago and I said you are worried about him for he wasn’t that spiritul or socially high,, but right now he is doing again for he is learning the lessons he needs from the creator.

The voice center,, knight of wands. I said you have a son ? Yes , I said you been meaning to tell him something for a long time about changing his life but you been too scared to,, it is time to do it..

Soul message, page of swords upright..
I said you got a grand baby coming ? She said yes,, I said don’t’ worry about it,, the child will be fine, I don’t know if it is a girl or it will have just femine energies but it will be ok.
And she left happy, and touched, and I was touched as well.

Then there was a big storm about 8pm and that shut down the fair ,, and they even closed it early.
As there was way too many people in front of me, there was nothing I could .. But I look forward to tomorrow.
I ended the day with $120. An record for a Thursday.
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Well done! I always look forward to your fair experiences, thank you for sharing.
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Way to go! Now I'm waiting for your next post!
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That's wonderful, Holmes! You're doing great!
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I, too, always like to hear about your fair experiences, Holmes! Thank you again for sharing.
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The second day of the fair

The business wasn’t booming , it was kinda of disappointing but still all in all I made 230 today.

One person I wanted to make sure they understood what I was saying instead of just reading the cards and have them leave so when it came to the 8 of cups and moving in a relationship it was hard, but eventually she understood what I was saying..

There was a lot of one card readings that I was going to actually take out this year, yet they still turned out ok. I had one lady who asked for a 5 dollar card reading and I said I can’t do that..
Last year towards the end of the last night I gave reading for discount to them,, as it was the last of the night. I guess they expected that tonight,, but for me I felt I couldn’t’ do it.

Speaking of one card reading I had this man who was christian asking about how the cards work and eventually I realized he was trying to turn it into a debate.. Where he said “but the card don’t’ work if they are paid for right,, like you can’t read them for free” and I said “ well I got to make a living too “ and he said “I understand that “ finally at the end when he said he might come back I said “ only come back if you feel it in your heart,,that way you will feel ok with it “ . it would seem that he kept bringing up his mom and how she stopped him from getting a reading but he was a big man now.
Oh at one point I said I don’t do deaths or births,, where it comes to the births I leave it in the hands of the doctor and he said “and god “ and I said that too but they should always get it check by the doctor as well I said.

There was a meeting of the minds with one lady from the other reserve who was going to teach quantum touch and I passed her a business card so she can talk to the local metaphysical store owner that just opened up.

Now for the magic.

The one was a 3 card reading that was 2 of swords reversed,, indicating to me she was arguing with her partner,, the 2 of cups reversed which indicated to me emtoionaly she was trying to work through it, and now the I forget the res of it,, but you could tell she was touched.

Oh yes there was a lesbian couple that came to ask to get out of doubt and I didn’t’ know it at the time,,it just came out in the reading and they said it.
I gave a reading to it but I felt it wasn’t’ empowering enough.
So I took out some postive cards like the lovers, wheel of fortune, emperesss, and had them to pick one card each ,, and I told them to picture these teaching of these card to give you postive viszualation after ordering them so the wheel of fortune was last.

So towards the second half of the night I had a lady who asked for a 5 card reading,
So we started and she asked about a family member death who didn’t add up.
So I went through the reading ,, without knowing if it was murder or just someone looking for answers..
If I recall the 7 of swords was reversed so I said she was knocking the head against the wall, and to leave it in the hands of the creator.
Finally the soul message was the 3 of cups and I said ,, “she doesn’t want you to be sad, and mope around but live your life and be happy and so when you guys meet u p there in the heavens she will be happy to see you and be proud of you. “
She let down tears and I was almost sad with her,(I mean getting a tear in my eye), we shook hands and she left visibly moved.
I think I heard her mumble “you’re good “ as she left.

I am sorry I don’t’ have better descriptions of the day, right now it is kind of a blur, as I cool down tonight , and get ready for tomorrow as it is the last day but also the big day as people will be looking for readings I hope in the day. And I have to wake up earlier ,, so I have to go to bed earlier eheh.
But overall I think each reading was good , and that was the main thing so I don’t feel like a phoney if you know what I mean.
(and so they dont' leave feeling that way as well )
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Thanks Holmes!

Great thread to read... thanks so much for sharing.. you have a way of *being in the room* with your words!

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Thanks Holmes. It is so interesting to get such a detailed account of reading at a big event.
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The third day of the fair

I got there from 2 to 1030 pm, I brought a copy of the hunger games to read as there was times when there was no one in the building I was in.. I actually went and got some food to eat and was sitting there with the cards in front of me but not shuffled and I hadn’t’ done my preparatory grounding/raising vibration so I figured I wouldn’t’ get a customer right away,, I was wrong of course which was good as well lol.
So I quickly did some grounding and extra shuffling of the cards as to break up the energy and voila away I went.

Before I go into any reading that stand out , I would like to share an interesting thing that happened at the parking lot at safway yesterday . This was on the way to the fair so I was sitting there in safeway preparing mentally to do readings as I listen to roy orbison.
I watched a card with a baby with an invisible driver go in front of me and I did a double take and said invisible driver ? And I didn’t’ see no one chasing the cart. So I got out of the truck and start running towards the slow card. I mean it was going slow so my 460 plus body could catch to it for I was worried that if it with the infant in it kept going straight , and some car didn’t’ see it, or if it picked up and went straight into traffic ,, the horror was growing as I ran towards the cart.
But luckily the card came to a slow stop against the tail end of a white car that left no scratches.
So I look down the parking lot and didn’t see no one looking for the baby and I said to myself this baby couldn’t’ of just came from now where.
Then I saw a little woman put her head out of the line of cards and start looking around. And saw me with the baby in the cart down about what would be 7 cars I would guess. I was lucky come to think of that she didn’t’ think I was trying to kidnap him. And I said to her,, “it was lucky for it came to a safe stop over here,, there is no dent or scratch here “.
I forgot to post about this yesterday,, but in retrospect it was kind of surreal, just listening to good old roy and seeing a cart slowly moving down a gradual slope with a baby still in a baby carrier. And he didn’t’ cry either . It was a little asian baby with a big head with cute eyes, and his mom was a short woman. , I didn’t’ even ask the names of them as the lady was just happy to have her baby and go up the slope.
One time at this same parking lot I saw a cart go rolling down the parking lot and cause a big dent in this old couple card so that is another reason we got lucky

So yesterday when I was reading card a lady who got a reading from me last year said she got a tarot deck that had bad energy and could I look at it,, it was the dragon tarot and she wanted me to have it.
I said to her the day before today that “you probably didn’t’ learn to clean a deck yet, “ and she was new to the tarot.

So today she brought the deck,, it was wrapped in a silk material and I opened it up and said” I got this deck yup “. I asked her if she knows about chords and she said yes .
So I took the aura of my hands and cleaned the deck and said “I am using the etheric energy of my hands to cut any chords around the deck “ and she said “yes the guy who gave me this deck wasn’t a postive person “ and I ran her through my version of grounding, and letting the energy of the creator come through me, then I showed her my ritual of holding up the deck , asking the creator to bless the deck, to give guidance, and give thanks for the blessing and guidance.
I gave her the deck to feel and she said “it feels different now “ and I took the card and did a viszualization where a big funnel of light came down all around the cards and said “ there if you have any problems you can email me, if you got questions “.

Oh and before I go into any readings,, an older lady came for a reading and I swear she was a match for peter o toole as he looks now. If I didn’t’ know better I would say it was him in drag. !! (except the voice was definitely femine)
So we talked a bit and she was going to get a one card reading for 10 dollars,,
And I said it “works best if you get ask a question otherwise it will be general and you wont’ get your ten cards wroth “ which is something I believe in currently.
She thought about it and said “ there is nothing I want to ask for ten dollars “ and I said “ok I respect that,, come back if you change your mind”
But the best thing was the striking resemblance to peter o toole and the regal way she dressed.

As I look back over the day where I did 4 chakras spreads, a couple of fives card spreads, and a lot of 3 cards spreads. That it was surpising how much can be revealed by the good old general past, present and future spread.

The one negative was doing a general reading and it was going good til the ace of swords where the lady asked about their relatinship suggested to me for the future that she would meet someone new in a year time. She said very loud “I don’t’ believe that “ and I said “ that is the future,, come back and let me know next year if I am wrong “ and she said “yes I will come back and say Donald you are wrong “ .
(I guess she knew me,, I couldn’t’ place her though ).

Pretty well though it was a spot on day , one lady got a her mother who was impressed so they got her sister to do it,, and it was good as well. As I come back here to type after doing the trends,, there was 4 people who did have some very hot on,, but for the life of me as I see faces ,, I cant’ remember what was said.
It is best that way as I cut the chord earlier and leave another fair for another year in the books.

Some trends

I had like 2 people ask me if they can buy decks, (not my preciousesss ) so I gave them the new local metaphysical store business cards !. Sure I can get my books from amazon, chapters, but I always wanted a metaphysical store in my area.

I toyed with the notion of taking out one card readings this year , however as I discussed it with my step dad on the way home,, that the ten card reading allowed us to get probably 60 bucks today,, 40 yesterday and 20 the day so it adds up.
In fact some of these one card readings hit the nail on the head, with the help of the question.

The soul message
That was the cream and butter,, it really added to each reading so much more this week that it answered stuff the person didn’t’ even ask a great deal of the time.

Question vs. random general card.

It seems that the trend of people at the fair don’t want to ask questions but just want to see the cards say..
So I am going to let go of that and just let the tarot speak for itself.

Times is hard.
The majority of people getting readings could really only afford the ten dollar reading with the kids and the food , that it was in their budget I mean.

All in all we made about 320 today 20 of which went to food for me and my mom..
Then we paid the booth fee of 150, that leaves us with 450 total for 3 days work , (the calculator said 530,, I am not sure though ,, the final count will come in from my mom tomorrow )
The weather kept away people for the large part.

edited to add
it is going to new clothes (I need new shirts badly ehh ) , and possible buddy guy tickets
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Nice work, Holmes. You inspire me!
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