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Body Mind Spirit Expos -- any experiences?

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Body Mind Spirit Expos -- any experiences?

Hi all,

I received some information on a Body, Mind, Spirit Expo ( that is coming up in some accessible areas. I'm thinking about purchasing a tarot reading booth.

Has anyone ever read at these events?

What was your experience(s)?

Was it worth the booth fee? Or should I save my shekels?


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I did a couple shows with them...

They are expensive. Many readers do the 'circuit', playing many shows, and build up a clientele over time.

Many live a lifestyle that includes a travel trailer parked in a grocery store lot overnight.

Some shows they advertise, others they don’t. Sometimes they tell you one set of ‘times’ (for opening and closing) and then they change it when you get there.

I remember one show was supposed to close at 4:00pm, so at 4:00 some folks started packing up and over the loudspeaker the guy running show started ranting “Nobody is allowed to pack up until six o’clock…” and folks were still there…very unprofessional IMO.

I think you’d do better doing smaller local fairs, run by smaller local folks. (just my opinion).

However if you want the nomadic or ‘gypsy’ lifestyle and want to work more than a few shows for these folks, and create the clients that look for the carnival to pull into town each year, it can become lucrative over time.

(See that’s really what the BMSE is really all about – it’s a modern day new age traveling carnival mitt camp).
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Hey! There aren't any in Canada!

I did a fair a couple of weeks ago and how well I did relied entirely on how well I was able to convince people they should try out my readings... I essentially came out about $10 ahead at the end of the day, but then, it was my FIRST show. I may or may not get calls as a result of it, I didn't start building the mailing list I wanted to, but I got some good practice. Next time, I'd advertise that I was going to be at the fair prior to the fair and hopefully line up several readings at the fair, even if they were "seeds" to ensure that I got some readings.

My assistant didn't really engage the public, (she was in essence a waste of money), so I really had to take care of myself, but she did fetch me drinks and stuff, so it wasn't that bad.

Dunno what else to add... but, good luck, if you decide to do it.
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