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Dragonfly Spread

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Originally Posted by Zaroula View Post
Firstly, thank you for posting this - very thought provoking!

Here is a quick overview of the cards I pulled out with pic (using the Gilded Tarot) Interesting combination of cards came up for sure lol! Did have some confusion when pulling these cards out, but I feel thats more to do with the unfamiliarity of the spread to me.

1 - 10 Cups - I associate this card with family bond, and a focus on the home in a positive light. So in the past providing a stable family environment has been important to me, and is something I wish to maintain..also seeing this card as perhaps having expectations exceeding reality.. seems a bit too serene to compare to my actual past homelife? (basing this interpretation on other cards that came up - Interested in hearing different takes on this).

2 - Temperance - compromise/balance is important. Maybe letting go of ideals and being realistic.. or realising that to attain the type of ideals I have in mind takes hard work. Also see temperance as turning a bad situation good.. not sure if that applies here.

3. 9 of Wands - The end is in sight, an 'almost there' kind of feeling I get from this card, like there has been hard work which will result in completion soon. I feel closure on an issue with this card.

4. 5 of Swords - lots of ways to interpret this one.. but I'm going to go with my gut and say its about learning that nothing is perfect.. accepting that its ok to be wrong sometimes as long as I learn from it. Someone is bound to get hurt in this card, here I feel it refers to not being able to please everyone - in victory there must also be a loser in the equation.

5. 5 of Pentacles.. feel this follows on the same vein as the previous 2 cards in that there is a light at the end of a hard tunnel. Magic of the moment could be appreciating what I have - even in times of hardship it could always be worse. Again, I feel making the best of a hard situation?

6. 8 Swords - something that I should learn - I guess this is about stepping up and taking responsibility for my life. Not letting things just happen, not to be a victim of circumstance but to turn it around and make things happen myself.

7. The World - what an interesting card to have in the overall position. I feel in a way that this card is coming full circle - showing a completion of a cycle, and a positive one at that.

So in the beginning I had that past ideal of the perfect homelife that wasnt a reality.. then from that learning that nothing is perfect and you have to work at things, take matters into your own hands, and by doing this you get more desirable results?

Thoughts? Always a bit edgy when trying new spreads for myself.. still feel that shadow of biased which can be a blessing and a curse.
Thank you for posting! I'm new to tarot, so it's really cool to me to see people trying out a spread I created! And also, thanks for posting the image. I'm tempted to pick up the Gilded deck. It suits this spread nicely, I think!

I feel like the first 2 cards are combining to remind you that while remembering all of the positive in your past is important, it can be the harder times that shape who you are, so don't discount them or try to avoid those memories. Along with balance, I see Temperance as ... Well, tempering. Using heat and cold (balance!) to make something stronger. Again, while focusing on the nice memories is more fun, carefully considering and learning from the harder times is also beneficial!

For the future, I'm inclined to take the 5 of Swords as a warning. There'll be rough times, and you'll get through it, soooo far through it. But whe. You get close to the end of the struggle, you'll have a choice, one that tests your integrity. Do you do whatever it takes to come out on top? I'm noticing here that the numbers diminish - you started with 8 wands, then ended with 5 swords. Even looking at the shape of the number, 8 is balanced. 5 has lost some chunks off of it. Personally, I'd keep an eye out in the future for conflicts, when it seems like there is a lot to gain, what are you sacrificing for it?

I don't really have much to add about the present cards and overall cards - you've pretty much said what I see in those :-)

Thanks again for sharing!
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Thanks for the response and insight into my cards - also have to agree the Gilded really does suit this spread

I think I'm more clear about what you could have picked up on in the 5 of swords. It's a decision I've put off for a long time, buried my head about in a way. Still tempted to do so lol but I think it's something I really must look at if I'm ever to move forward.
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A couple of weeks ago I was looking through the spread list and I was saving the ones that were calling to me.

This one was one of them. In fact I was DYING to try it, but I was always feeling it wasn't the right time.

Tonight it was calling to me again and I finally gave it a go.

As I was thinking, it's a REALLY good spread. The positions and descriptions were really resonating with me, plus the name and the inspiration behind it were talking to me.

I used the Animism tarot and didn't ask a specific question, went with "general insight about where I'm at in my life now". All the cards were pretty spot-on!

Like Zaroula, I got the World as the last card (I read it as a message to me from the Dragonfly). Really, I will keep it in my favorites for future use!

Thank you for coming up with this!
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Just a Reminder

This is a great spread!
Just as a reminder to all. You can see some readings posted in this old thread but please note that readings are no longer posted in this area. Your Readings is now the place to post your reading -which you can of course then link back here if you like.
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Originally Posted by Hemera View Post
This is a great spread!
Just as a reminder to all. You can see some readings posted in this old thread but please note that readings are no longer posted in this area. Your Readings is now the place to post your reading -which you can of course then link back here if you like.
Oh that explains some things!
I was really wondering why there was so many spread threads with posts including complete readings!
I didn't make the connection with the time at which these were written!
All make sense now
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