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Raziel Tarot

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Raziel Tarot

I haven't seen a thread about this one yet - did I miss one? On Rachel Pollack's Facebook page, I saw a card she posted for a new deck she is working on with Robert Place based on Jewish lore called the Raziel Tarot

I know not everyone has FB so I've attached the Hermit card she posted. A Torah Tarot isn't something I have personally been hankering for but since it's Pollack and Place helming this one I am intrigued.
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I certainly haven't heard of it! This sounds right up my alley

Gorgeous Hermit cards as per usual Place. Thank you for sharing!
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Moses, I'm assuming, right? It's beautiful, and so right for the Hermit...
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I've been following it on FB too, and like all of the cards that I've seen.

It's going to be up on Indiegogo to preorder when they are ready. I'll definitely help fund it. The book by Rachel Pollack sounds very good too.
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yes!^^ fallowing on my fb!^^ one of best deck on this topic in making this yr!^^ lolz )
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Originally Posted by FLizarraga View Post
Moses, I'm assuming, right? It's beautiful, and so right for the Hermit...

Yes, it's Moses. And Miriam is the Empress card.

I am quite excited about this deck. I've always liked Place's style, and this is a theme of personal interest. I can't wait to see more.
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Oh, that looks so wonderful. I'm excited!!! Thank you for the information. Robert Place and Rachel Pollack - a team made in Tarot Heaven! and Jewish topics - even more exciting. So many Jewish ideas have been adopted by others. It's like going back to the roots when we look at the Jewish context.
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Something to follow closely. Any idea when it's coming out.?
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I'm excited too to hear about this. Looking forward to see more!
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looks great
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