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hebrew watchers?

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in my kabbalah of the golden dawn there is a chapter on the qliphoth and it corresponse rougly what you were speaking off, but in the aversed tree sense,and not in the regular kabbalah,

that being said we know that each sphere has it own tree of life and probaly its own daath as well

at which point does the tree of sickness start ,, after the kingdom somehow ? and for what purpose to reveal how to recover from such a fall ?

that phrase "be wary to whome you give your trust "

is very true of channelings, spirit guides, readers , friends, yourself (be wary of what aspects of yourself you can trust )
the bible, and the church .....

yes, i am not here to critize beliefs about the bible, or the scanity of the church as i believe they are right for people soul levels.

but certain passages are they to be interpated literally , figurelively ? symbolically ?

and exaple a little off topic here in my rabbi tarot was about the line from the bible, let those who have eyes see, and those who have ears see,

they were refering to the pineal gland, that they could see the truth, and those who had active ears charkas could hear,
yet someone else woud totally reinterpat in a new way , or differnt way .

"don't cast pearls before swine " some takes that line to dont' waste your time,

but it says don't speak pearls of wisdom to those who don't understand, why he spoke in parables, to the masses but on a difernt level to his disiciples

but back to kabbalah, i don't see the qlipoth in the regulare kabbalah, qabalah, cabala that we study in the modern world, is it an ancient form .

*ps to nifty , i dont' study the bible that interprations i got from rabbit tarot, and if you may seek it out , it is only on the major arcana,but a big book, and included lots of religiou stuff, chakras stuff, and symbolims *
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I ~think~ the Qlippoth as a concept attached to the Tree of Life was one of the Ari's (Isaac Luria) contributions to Kabbalism, stemming from the idea that the original sephira "cracked" or "overfilled" with the making of creation. Their existence and practical relevance or dangerous nature is quite a subject of dispute among modern Qabalists. My own opinons and ideas on the subject are still in formation.

On the topic of "Watcher" angels, (I've always heard of them referred to as the Grigori and the nephilim being related but different, but this is all mythical analogy we're dealing with imo and as such its all subject to diversity) here's a link some might find of interest...

Each Sephiroth is assigned, in traditional Kabbalism, a God Name, an archangel, and a body of angels, which can be invoked and worked with in a spiritual manner by anyone with proper practice and intent.

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I did not intend to equate Watchers with Nephilim when I cited that verse from Genesis, but rather to the angels whose degradations resulted in the Nephilim, and then to the eventual purging of the Earth... sorry if I caused some confusion, Laurel.
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Hello :-)

An interesting passage, nephilim in the enigmatic genesis 6. Those early parts of the Old Testament have a traceable linage to earlier works by the Sumerians, the anunaki.

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Originally Posted by AmounrA
Can the tree of life be used and viewed in a way that gives it no religious connection?
The triadic Tree is based on knowledge (or a theory) of the roots of the human condition, not on ‘theology’. It shows a sexless original (Adam Qadmon) at Keter, followed by division into 2-3, or male-female. When these cohabit physically to procreate, they become cohabiting male-female 4-5, which produce offspring 6 (the 6 directions of space). Then, when the motive for cohabiting changes from procreation to lust, male-female degenerate into 7-8, which produce divided offspring 9 and 10—the 9 months of gestation and the 10 grasping fingers. This divides in two what was originally united in 6, where offspring or gestation was what the fingers sought to grasp.

Da’at comes about by the following. As stations of the round, the Sefirot of the triadic Tree show the results of being caught in the round’s ‘maelstrom’: each of the first ten stations—from up (the exalted) through out and down to in (towards self)—is swept into the arc issuing from it (its ‘month’). Now the tetrads determined by the first three signs are (in order) cardinal-male-female (though astrology calls them cardinal-fixed-mutable): in the triadic Tree, the first three—the supernals—represent the stations they emanate from, but the remaining seven—Luria’s ‘broken vessels’—become associated rather with the sex of the signs they end up in. This leaves the fourth station (cardinal sign cancer) unrepresented, and this is the origin of Da’at.
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