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Need help with this.

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Question Need help with this.

He's a Virgo and I'm an Aquarius. I know people may not have the answers for this and I hope that someone can put things into prospective for me. I'm a beginner when it comes to Astrology and I still continue to learn. From what I know Virgo's are constantly thinking, analyze things and are self critical about themselves. Sometimes it can upset people or think of him as being cruel or aloof. In the past it used to bug me. Now I no longer take it offensively or point out his flaws. Once I did it and he was upset at me for awhile. He's very very hard on himself, hard working, quiet and shy. He prefers long relationships over flings. He's especially quiet and shy around me. He bought me some gifts on Christmas and we constantly talk over Facebook. He's gotten hurt before in his last relationship. She ended up cheating on him and he still had hopes that they would get back together. In the end she got married to person she cheated on him with and had a baby with this man. We connected after two years and got very close. Than he ended up telling me he was scared of getting hurt again and pushed me away from him. Now he continues to talk to me, he's very kind and we still continue to talk a lot. Recently I talked over the phone with him and he vented to me about his stressful day at work. He seemed very happy to talk to me and I thanked him for the Christmas gifts. Another gift is coming in the mail soon. He's always so polite, kind, asks me about my day and if I'm hard on myself; he ends up giving me straight forward advice to me. Though if I cry he will always hug me and hold me close to him. Last time I saw him he held my hands and continued to hug me because I truly missed him. I'm the kind of person where I hate saying "Goodbye" to people. I don't show my emotions to many people unless they know me very well. Anytime I'm with him, he ends up soothing my mind and I enjoy hearing his opinions and thoughts on things even if they may be entirely different from mine. Many people say that Virgo's are not a good match with Aquarius. In my opinion I disagree because I feel at peace with him and I don't mind simply just hanging out at his house. I feel at home when I'm at his house. I love going out and doing things, I'm very social, but I'm sort of a loner and I'm very quiet. A lot of people say I'm shy, but I'm not. I'm simply just a quiet person and I think a lot. Sometimes I think so much and it keeps me up at night. Find it so funny how he tends to have the same problem. We're both different signs and think differently, yet when I'm with him I feel at peace. This could be due to different signs in my birth chart. Hate fighting with him and arguing with him. In the end anytime we fight, I end up apologizing. Now that I know a lot more about his sign, I understand him a lot better. I simply love Virgo's now and I can't help but feel so much attraction towards him anytime I'm around him and I believe he feels the same way by how he analyzes me and notices every little thing about me: my jewelry that I wear or anything new that I'm wearing or even if I'm unhappy or upset. He notices it and always ends up pointing it out. I can't hide who I am around him. He simply knows my weakness and knows me through and through that it used to bug me so much. Now it no longer bothers me. Know this is a rather long post, I just needed to post about my relationship I have with a Virgo and would like to hear other people's opinions about this. Remember I'm a beginner to Astrology and I look forward to learning more about the signs, the moon signs, etc. If there's any books or information that will help me I will appreciate it greatly!!
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Well I'm a true Virgo in a I'll tell you about what I'm like in regards to my virho sign, even though it does also depend also on your rising sign and also moon sign when you were born too.....well infact all the planets for that matter.

Virgo's are perfectionists we like to look perfect, be perfect in every way from how we look, act, study, cook, work, even sexually.

Because of this we can be very hard on ourselves if we don't feel like we live up to this "perfection" we have in our heads. a major analytical thinker, I can dissect one word and make a thousand from it. Thinking about the past, the present and the mind never ever switches off, its always on the go. But remember virgo are rules by mercury.

We love to help people....I'll do anything for anyone and get great satisfaction from it, even now replying to your post is my service to you that I'm happy to do. But on the other hand I don't like asking for help from others or receiving makes me feel awkward in a way, as I much prefer to be there for others.
Take a look through my posts and you'll find the majority of them are me doing readings for others.

Very much into longterm r'ship not flings .....and once again will do anything for that person, will always be thinking of stuff to buy them or do for them etc.

Truthful ....well I'm very truthful and hare liars or fake people. If someone doesn't like me I'd prefer them to just not speak to me etc....can't stand two faced people.

Virgo is an introvert sign, so we're not too loud and have a calm nature (well most times lol). Don't like too much fuss around us, need our own space sometimes to just do our own thing, especially researching....virgo's love to research things and read and study stuff. Oh and lists lots and lots of lists for everything from things to do to things to buy etc.....but me ive gone one better, instead of lists I've got different notebooks for everything lol.

Id say the most annoying part of me I find is my over analyzing of things and also that I don't like reaching out to people and asking for then all my stuff in my virgo head I try and deal with myself and at times this can get really frustrating and hard.

If I think of anything else I'll add it.
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You need to be very careful going simply by Sun Signs. Their popularity is due to the ease with which they can be predicted by date (though not perfectly if you simply go by the quoted periods in newspapers).

However the Sun sign is not the most important factor in a natal chart. That is the Ascendant - the degree of the sign rising over the eastern horizon at the time and place of birth. That information is much more difficult to find out but it's what makes the horoscope personal - literally so, as the word horoscope comes from the Greek meaning the hour marker (of birth).

After the Ascendant, comes the Moon, but that again is not easy to find out by a general rule which gives the position of the Moon for a particular month in a particular year.

Thereafter comes the Sun and then the other planets, none of which is as predictable as the Sun for position at a particular time of year. Yet all of which contribute to the personality of someone.

Taking the Sun sign reduces a multidimensional approach to personality to a one dimensional approach, which is therefore usually inaccurate.

In the real world there are Sun Sign Virgos some of whom have Leo rising, others have Aquarius rising. Some have the Moon in Scorpio, others have the Moon in Pisces. In other words there's no such thing as a pure Virgo, though some Virgos will be more like the stereotype whilst others are nothing like the stereotype.

What you need to find out is his date, time and place of birth. From these it's possible to construct a birth chart from which his personality can be determined.

If you want to assess your mutual compatibility, then you also need the same information for yourself. That allows a check to be done, using both your chart and his, to see how well you are suited. And it will enable you to understand him better.
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