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Missing person horary.

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Missing person horary.

Ive cast the chart from the persons last time being seen and from their last location seen, also they get Lord 1 as they are of no connection to me.

The missing person is Sun and co moon, interestingly the sun is at 1 degree, and at the time he was last seen had just moved into Libra's fall. Sun being ruled by venus and venus being also just at a critical zero degrees.... and had just moved into the detriment of scorpio..... it doesn't look good i don't think.

I also don't like how venus his house ruler had just moved into scorpio (esp being in its detriment) as scorpio can be hidden sites, secret, underground, near rubbish etc. Scorpio also being a water sign then it would be a wet area too.

I can't really figure out what happened before hand from the separating aspects. But ive just calculated a part called "unusual events" and the dispositor for this is mars, and mars is separating from a square with could this mean a struggle of some sort with someone especially as its the planet mars ?

Also regarding violence, his asc is more or less on 25 degree leo, where this degree of leo shows violence and also has indications of alcohol.

But then the moon is in its domicile sign so is strong and does make a sextile to mercury in querents first house....moon in 11th house would be all the community/friends who have got together where he lives to help find him through social media and doing other stuff maybe. Could this moon sextile aspect be some good news coming ?......

I don't think it would be though because at the same time the moon sextiles mercury, the moon is also in opposition with pluto....pluto would be the hidden.

Can anybody see anything positive in this ?

I'm still struggling with reading the aspects.....and i can't figure out who jupiter is, with jupiter ruling the 5th and the 8th house.

Hmmm! so i think 5th would be nightclubs/casino etc...especially as it was that time, and then 8th could be waste and water i wonder if he needed to empty his bladder and that was where he was last seen heading (as they say it was a dead end he was walking down), and maybe something happened then.

Im really sure jupiter and the 8th house is regarding the landfill .....that they never bothered to check. Sun conjunct jupiter could be him being placed in the bin.
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A chart cast for the last sighting is an event chart. That might be useful to see if anything happened soon after the sighting. You may also be able to draw inferences on the person's state of mind at that time or which direction they were heading.

Unless something serious happened at that time or very shortly after, it won't tell you where they are now. For that you would need to do a fresh horary asking for their current location. As you're not directly concerned and have no interest in the outcome, you may not get a useful reply. However it's worth trying if you're interested in the event..

The use both charts in conjunction. The one here might help in the ways I've suggested. A fresh horary may give information about their current location.
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