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Six Pointed Stars or Two Triangles...

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As above, so below.
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Seal of Solomon

Re: 6 pointed star
(Quote) I understand it is known as the Star of David. (end quote)

You may also want to consider investigating The Seal of Solomon
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Originally Posted by The_Star
Re: 6 pointed star
You may also want to consider investigating The Seal of Solomon
Yes, also known as the Seal of Solomon. is that somehow linked to the name Star of David? Historically I mean.
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Originally Posted by TemperanceAngel

I am very interested in the six pointed star and what is meanings are to the Kabbalah. I know so little about the Kabbalah I won't pretend otherwise.
I guess the simplest version is centering the centre of the hexagram on Tiphareth. Saturn / Binah is the higest point, the others follow attribution on the Tree.

A more complex version with magical formulae; see Crowleys 'Book of Lies' Ch 69 The Holy Hexagram (which has a colour 'reversal').
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Try this

or Google "Tetragammaton." (I know, the Star of Solomon, but closely related!)

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Hey all, just joined so I'm sorry if I'm reviving an old thread.

With regards to Kabbalah, the six pointed star (hexagram) has a number of contexts. Regarding the male and female associations that someone mentinoed: The male/female energies are itself significations of the interaction of the divine and this plane.

The downward pointing triangle symbolizes the divine energy being
brought to this plane. Its feminine quality (also related to
Shechinah) is related in the fact that it also symbolizes birth (the
soul being brought down to the human womb).

The upward pointing triangle symbolizes the projection off this plane,
and more symbolizes man (rather than the relationship of man and the
heaven, which is more akin to the whole symbol).

Together they symbolize the microcosm and the macrocosm, and how the
lines intersect/overlap can form various interpretations of the
relationship. Likewise they form the relationship of the circulation
of the "heart" in the sephiroth (the six emotions of the heart), which
in turn leads to "speech".

Heart here does not mean Tiferet, but rather the circulation through
the paths. There are 32 paths on the tree of life, and the number 32
(lamed vet) spells out Lev which is the hebrew word for Heart. The
"six emotions" refer to six sephiroth of Chessed, Gevurah, Tiferet,
Netzach, Hod, Yesod. Speech is strongly related to the energy of
manifestation and malkuth, as in the kabbalistic viewpoint the divine
created everything through "speech".

These are all concepts that relate the two triangles (and triangles
themselves) as important with regards to evocation and invocation.

Mordecai Shia
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Can anyone tell me, as someone who knows nothing about Kabbalah, if there is any significance to the symbol of a hexagram with a ruby or other red crystal in the center? I'm not sure if it would be a standard hexagram or Crowley's unicursal hexagram. A friend of mine who is very psychic got a flash of this symbol as well as another, a sort of trident crossed with something which she wasn't able to identify, while handling a piece of my jewellery. She said that there seemed to be a very dark energy around the symbols, although moreso with the hexagram. I'm baffled since the pendant was bought new 2 weeks ago, and I don't believe that anyone but me has handled it between the store and my friend's place tonight (and I cleansed it on selenite when I bought it). I'm trying to figure out whether it's some sort of message for me, and to be honest it makes me a little nervous... Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Major Tom 

Can also be associated with the merkaba.
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Originally Posted by ravenest
I guess the simplest version is centering the centre of the hexagram on Tiphareth. Saturn / Binah is the higest point, the others follow attribution on the Tree.
It might be appropriate to think of this Saturn as poised on the central pillar where Da’at is. One notes, by the way, that the planets corresponding to the Sefirot at its six points only match one orientation relative to planetary rulership: 3-Saturn pointing at capricorn, 4-Jupiter at pisces, 5-Mars at scorpio, 7-Venus at taurus, 8-Mercury at virgo, and 9-moon at cancer. Turned around and with Saturn pointing at aquarius misses with 9-moon, which ends up pointing at sun’s leo. (The sun, usually placed at Tiferet, is, rather, at Chesed and represents the cycle of the great year (‘precession’), which is the relationship of 6-year-ecliptic and 10-day-equator. We are speaking here of the cycles or rounds (the suit Coins in tarot) of the material, Asiyah world (womb of time).
Originally Posted by Major Tom
Can also be associated with the merkaba.
Two comments on the Wikipedia ‘Merkaba’ article:

Concerning Maimonides’s claim “that God is not limited to any particular form,” it would seem that the Bible disagrees, since man was ‘created’ (logically originated) in the divine likeness, that which Qabbalah calls Adam Qadmon. This Form (in the Platonic sense, but understood as the sexless One Form, the universally sought teleological ‘First Cause’ that remained beyond Aristotle’s poor provincial northern mind), essentially that of Upright Sentience or Consciousness, is the ‘driver’ of the Throne-chariot, meaning It is the basis of the ‘wheel[s] within wheel[s]’ or Ofanim: the three ‘mothers’ are the wheels centered atop that Form’s head when standing (Atzilut, realm of the eternal), atop that Form’s head when seated (Beriyah, realm of the long-lived), and at that Form’s heart or center when seated (Yetzirah, realm of the short-lived): these three all have other wheels in their ‘bellies’, since the fourth wheel is the round of the womb (womb of time, or present instant) resting in the belly of the third (the zodiac of the seated torso, where up=head=spring=aries, out-ahead=breasts=summer=cancer, and so on).

Hasidic correlations: lion (leo) = fire works for me, and man (aquarius) = wind (air) at least agrees with astrology (though primordially fire’s opposite is water), but ox (taurus) = water, and eagle (scorpio) = earth, are backwards from astrology, while only the latter agrees with the primordial arrangement of elements—which is flame or fire pointing up, at aries, rain or water down, at libra, earth or body forward, at cancer, and air (wind-in-the-face) back, at capricorn—a connexion difficult to see considering an eagle soars high above earth. The primordial arrangement is that from which derives the fact that the triad of the Seal of Solomon pointing up represents fire and the one pointing down water, the latter associated with Torah’s flowing ‘down from above’. (Sign scorpio’s eagle aspect must be considered in the context of its scorpion and serpent aspects.) [It would be a stretch to associate the taurus triad with water here simply because as primordial air it manifests in virgo or manifested water, so I shall forego explaining the four manifested elements here, having explained them repeatedly elsewhere.]
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a third comment on the wikipedia article regarding:
In modern esoteric teachings, it is taught that the MerKaBa is an interdimensional vehicle consisting of two equally sized, interlocked tetrahedra of light with a common center, where one tetrahedron points up and the other down.
This is simply false.

'Modern esoteric teachings' is not to be confused with 'the views of an author' - even if those views have been accepted by others.

This would be like saying: 'In modern esoteric teachings, it is taught that Krishnamurti is the vehicle for the second coming of Christ, which was to happen and be announced in Sydney, but the man denied this destiny' (basically the view of the Order of the Star of the East - a TS offshoot). Neither this, NOR the above wikipedia quote, are modern esoteric teachings, but rather the views held by some in each case.
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