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another look at the Celtic Cross

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Dear Raven and Zhan,

I am new to the tarot and really liked your take on the CC. I have spent the evening working on my CC for November and then typing it all out on the Forum.

If and when (and only if) you have the time, I would love if you could have a look at it and share your thoughts. Pls don't feel compelled, I just thought it is worth asking

Wish you a lovely weekend !

Here is the link -
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I'm sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but I read this a few weeks ago in the spread index and wow! The idea of formatting the CC as a cross opened up a lot of new ways to read it for me. I ended up tweaking my positional meanings and the general layout based on some of the different ideas in this thread and a few others. Mainly wanted to share because I loved reading other people's takes on the spread and as a result I'm actually enjoying the CC for the first time!

(Okay, fine - I'm also very tickled with my new "What ____s you" keywords; it's silly, but I love melodramatic touches like that when I'm reading for good friends and I usually get a couple of giggles out of them as I announce the cards )

......5 ........ Read upwards 6-5: Emotional & spiritual outlook - internal influences
3...1/2...4 .. ---> Read Across: Immediate situation. The past, how it affects you now, how it affects the outcome
......6 ........ Read clockwise 6-4: What makes you who you are, how the past/your hopes/fears connect.
......7 ........ 7 is a doorway from your personal sphere to the path suggested. How "who you are" becomes action.
......8 ........ Read down 7-9: Your path. The practical cards: what you should do and what may happen along the way
......9 ........ 9: Sometimes a summary/advice card. Often is clarified by the shadow card (bottom of deck)
.....10 ....... 10: The outcome that may come to pass if the influences and conditions of the spread are met.

1. "What Covers You" - The Querent
Your current state of mind, persona, and situation in life
2. "What Crosses You" - The Present.
Immediate opposition, a challenge; internal or external. Sometimes an unpredictable change
3. "What is Behind You" - The Past.
The past in relation to your current situation; events that may have led to the present and how they affected you
4. "What is Before You" - The Future.
The immediate future and how it will arise from the present; how it will affect you and your situation
5. "What Crowns You" - Your Aspirations & Attitudes.
Your hopes, dreams, and goals as they pertain to the situation (immediate or distant desires); your general outlook or beliefs.
6. "What Founds You" - Your Unconscious.
Your deeper emotions, acknowledged or not; the root of the problem and why you're asking. Your values, motivations, and fears.
7. "What is Within" - Your Actions & Opinions.
The things you say, do, think, and feel; how your unconscious affects your actions in the matter
8. "What is Without" - Actions & Opinions of Others.
The influence of those around you on your self or situation, your environment and relationship to it
9. "What Will Beset You" - Future Complications & Consequences.
Things that will result from the other influences, possibly something overlooked in the present that will come back to affect you; a "wild card"
10. "What Will Be" - The Outcome.
The culmination and resolution of the reading: the finality of your situation.
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