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Sweet Twilight-Four of Pentacles

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Sweet Twilight-Four of Pentacles

This card shows a girl in a old-fashioned aviator hat sitting on a rock in the middle of a large body of water. I think the hat gives us a clue how she got there. She used to be bold and adventurous, but what she doing on this rock in the middle of nowhere? Maybe she's given up a life of adventure for the security of the rock or maybe she's just resting before taking flight again. Because this card makes me think of Amelia Earhart it makes me think maybe she's crashed and is stuck.

There is a little figure holding a sun and another little figure holding a moon. The card appears to be at either sunrise or sunset which signifies balance between the energies of the sun and moon to me. Perhaps a balance between the masculine and the feminine or dynamism and intuition. It's interesting that the little figure holding the sun which is usually considered masculine appears to be female and the figure holding the moon appears to be male.
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I think balance and stability when I see this card, yet as you suggest there's also a danger of "stuckness" going on.
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