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Snapshot Relationship Spread

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AmyV  AmyV is offline
Join Date: 14 Mar 2004
Location: Preston * UK
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Cool Snapshot Relationship Spread

Here's one I got from my friend Monika in Prague, who got it from a friend of hers, but I don't know where it originally came from. It's a great spread if you want to get a snapshot of where you stand in a relationship (and I've just thought of a name for it!), it's clear and to the point and looks like this:


Meanings are as follows:

1. How things stand at the moment

2. What your Head is telling you about the relationship; what you 'think' you should be feeling

3. What your Heart is telling you about the relationship; how you really feel

4. The impression you're giving to the other person involved

5. What the other person's Head is telling them about the relationship; what they 'think' they should be feeling

6. What the other person's Heart is telling them about the relationship; how they realy feel

7. The impression they give you

8. Where things are headed in the next few months; with me it varies what timeframe this card represents - sometimes I decide in advance that it will be 2 to 3 months, or six months, sometimes I decide intuitively when I see the card. I find it's best to be flexible, and extra cards can always be added to clarify or show further-reaching results or whatever.

I like this spread a lot because besides showing the Querent how the other person feels about them, this spread frequently gives good insight into Head/Heart conflicts which the Querent is kind of subliminally aware of but hasn't actually addressed, as well as letting them know how they're coming across to the other person.

Hope it proves useful to some of you!


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Lurea  Lurea is offline
Join Date: 04 Nov 2004
Location: USA
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That's a great spread, Amy! I'm copying it into my book now. Can't wait to use it.
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TimJas  TimJas is offline
Join Date: 17 Nov 2004
Location: Brighton, UK.
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Thank you for sharing! I will try this spread out sometimes
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Teranar  Teranar is offline
Join Date: 29 Sep 2002
Location: Nashville
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This is a nice spread, matchmaker Teranar will use this much times! Thank you AmyV!
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LeadtheWay  LeadtheWay is offline
Join Date: 13 Nov 2004
Location: CA, USA.
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Thnx, I love everything about it.... I'll defenitely try it!

God Bless,
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Join Date: 25 May 2004
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Gypsy Mama 

This is a great spread Amy! I have tried it out on three close relationships and it has given me invaluable insight.
Thank you,
Gypsy Mama
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newlight  newlight is offline
Join Date: 17 Feb 2004
Location: UT, USA
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Thanks Amy, I'll definitely try it!

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souljourney  souljourney is offline
Join Date: 29 Nov 2004
Location: Kansas City, USA
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This looks really good. Seems not to complicated, etc. Nice clear cut identity to the cards. Right now that seems to help me.
I'll try it with a couple friends I'm working with.
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Cool spread! thanks!
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Cyllah  Cyllah is offline
Join Date: 21 Dec 2004
Location: Texas, United States
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Enjoyed the spread
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