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Wildwood Tarot: The World Tree

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Wildwood Tarot: The World Tree

A beautiful card. This huge, ancient tree has a door in it, and its branches and leaves are sectioned into the four seasons. Outside its door is a layrinth, and the roots of this tree are gnarled and many. This is both the outer and the inner world. Step through the door into the tree. Step outside the door into the layrinth. Step outside the labyrinth into the "real world". I get a feeling of age, of wisdom, of totality. This is a tree where elders can meet to share their wisdom and make decisions, where children can scamper among its branches, where seekers can walk the labyrinth, and where weary travelers can set down their burdens and rest. Beautiful.
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Lady Iron Side 
Wildwood Tarot - The World Tree

This is such a lovely, awe inspiring card, When I look at this card, I see an old ancient OAK tree many years of experience and knowledge, the wisdom it holds the spirit of the tree invites you to step through the door, for the tree spirit has wisdom to share with you. The many thick roots grow deep into the earth, (EARTH element) tells me how deeply grounded the Oak tree spirit is. The ancient Oak tree is also the tree within you, This is the Celtic tree or duir and it is seen as a powerful tree of life and death, connecting the realms and being sacred to the gods. Many tribes would designate a sacred tree as their center of the universe for many reasons, one for visualiza5tion and shamanic journeys on the deepest level it is spiritual and communication with the natural world gives you a portal into other states of consciousness. This Oak tree shows the many seasons, and cycles over the years. ( Wheel of the Year).

The Labryinth is a maze that you walk, the many paths that you can take, some have an end while others take you to the finish. This Card show the 3 worlds Middle, Upper, and Lower worlds that you can journey through meditation. The tree is where you start and it is where you return to. your door way through the veil.
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bumble bee 
The World Tree

I do love the energy of Oak trees. They always feel so protective and caring. On a summer day, they can provide a lovely spot to sit under and watch children playing in a playground. This tree exists on the below and above the earth. Travel down the door below to the roots and find the world under the ground where in meditation you can find another world filled with Nomes, underword streams and creatures. The tree represents the cycle of life spring,summer, fall and winter. The labyrinth is considered a walking meditation. I have tried one once but am not that familiar with their meaning.
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