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Alice in Wonderland Vintage Petit Lenormand Review

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Alice in Wonderland Vintage Petit Lenormand Review

Hi guys,

I had this deck for a while now and I had only done one reading with it and after that I locked it away in my treasure chest, deep in the corner hiding away from the rest of my treasures.
It was just recently I rediscovered it again only to find out why I put it away. The card stock is very thin made from cheap card stock. It is easy to damage, feel uncomfortable to shuffle, and there is no lamination whatsoever.
Another downside about this deck is that it really does takes away from the symbols since it is a collage deck. It is hard to tell what you are suppose to look at.
For example:

The Lilies
You see a woman (who really stands out in the picture) taking the left and middle part of the card while the right corner there is the lilies. The background shows you a map that says South America.
At first I thought it was the lady card until I saw the lilies.

Another card is the Fox
You do see the fox, but then you see the a hand that looks like the fox who is ready to take a bite on. The problem with that card is you see moth and the Mad hatters. Okay that card didn't really bother me since I found it funny (though the tower is still my favorite. It has Rapunzel up in the tower, so you can definitely think of that of isolation).

Okay that was my cons from this deck. Now on with the pros.

The collage is based on Alice in Wonderland so if you like Alice then you are in luck. If you like Rapunzel then say hello to the tower.
The collage is whimsical, has a bit of "real people," and you can definitely use this deck as an oracle. The main colors are pink, purple, and blue.

The art is wonderful, the style is adorable, but it is the card stock that I have a problem with, so if you do not like cheap card stock or very thin cards then it is not worth paying $20 for it.
I'll say save your money, but if you do not mind the card stock then go for it.

That is the end of my review (and rant).

How about you guys? Does anyone has Alice in Wonderland lenormand? If you do what are your opinions about it and would you recommend it to someone else? Do you like it or dislikes it? I would like to know, thank you.
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