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An art show based on Lenormand

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An art show based on Lenormand

Forget for a moment all the discussions of what is or isnt real Lenormand as opposed to accusations of jumping on contemporary bandwagons and riducule of my 'distortions' or how the Rider is or isnt 'supposed to be depicted' or what reading system or approach should or shouldnt be used. Cast aside the blinkers of you current position, stance or perspective if only only for a while. This show is based on my deck and on my choices and direction, be they right or wrong, if such terms even apply to the nebulous world of divination. They are not meant to persuade or confuse or provoke. Enjoy them, discard them, judge them as you see fit,....that is if you happen to be within travelling distance of Berlin and interested in seeing these images enlarged as canvas giclée reproductions, along with an additional set of card images that I chose not to publish with the current deck, but will be shown for the first time at this event. Along with a seletion of images from my Oracle of Visions. We can chat about them on the opening night June 27th, I will be there on that day and be happy to meet with any of you in person rather than through the vagueness of purple internet aliases. The exhibition will remain untill the end of September.
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That was wonderful! Felt like I was taking a mental vacation.
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Le Fanu 

Beautiful video - just beautiful. I wish I was in Berlin but alas, I shall be in Brussels that day! Loved the music too! Exquisitely put together.
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Thoroughly enjoyed the video, stunning imagery!
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Gorgeous art work. I noted with interest the images portraying ageing people, as well - very dignified - and loved in particular the elephant and camel parade crossing the bridge!

Good luck with your art is sure to be a resounding success. Thanks for sharing your interesting inner world, and your vision!
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good luck with it Ciro, the video is beautiful
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