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Mystical Cats Tarot - The Lovers VI

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Mystical Cats Tarot - The Lovers VI

This card might not have as much rich and complex symbolism as the first ones, but the message is as purposeful and direct.

2 grey cats are cuddling on a purple cushion. Their eyes are closed and there is a definite feeling of well-being, you can almost hear them purring. Notice the position of their bodies, making them look like a kitty version of the yin-yang symbol.
They are located outdoors, but there is a wooden arch above them with red/dark pink wild roses climbing around it. Behind them, we see a garden with a path leading to an exit, which happens to be a hole in between 2 long shrub walls.
In the background, a tall mountain can be seen and we can catch some glimpses of a blue sky.

I don't find any color theme jumping at me on this card. It's a mix of bold and more toned down colors, but the feel is more light than dark.

The Lovers card is usually about love and/or about life choices. In this case, the focus was put on the love aspect, especially in the book, but the authors didn't completely put aside the other important message this card is giving us.
The main advice is "Give yourself to love, in whatever form it is offered." The reversed meaning emphasizes more the aspect about hard choices. In this case, the advice is "[...] remember that the struggle can also be valuable. [...] it may be that your heart is pulling you in one direction and your head in another. Get clearer about what you truly love."

The symbolism present in the card also shows the different messages it can convey.

Yin and yang symbol : Represents a balance between opposites. Its circle shape represents wholeness. It's normally black and white, but the authors decided to use 2 shades of gray instead. I think it could be on purpose to show the blending of the white and the black parts, resulting in a pale and a dark grey.

Purple : This color has many different meanings, but in this case it probably symbolizes the intuitive mind and empathy. When you are facing a hard choice, always follow your intuition. When you are starting or developing a relationship of any kind, empathy and sympathy are always welcome.
Another explanation for the purple color of the cushion could be about the mix of red and blue which gives purple. Red is the color of passion and blue the color of harmony and both are necessary for a long-lasting love relationship.

Arch : Symbol of openings, choices, new beginnings. Also associated with weddings.

Wild roses : I think it's interesting that they chose wild roses instead of 'conventional' ones like we saw on the Empress card. As with all roses, they are a symbol of love, but they have a more 'pure' and tough side to them. Wild roses are the original ones, the ancestors of the very hybridized roses we are used to. Also, the wild rose shrub is very resistant and doesn't die easily. They fit well in representing a strong and true love.
We can also note that wild roses only bloom once a year during early summer. It's the time of the year with the most vitality and is associated with the adult life, the time when you are getting to more stability.

20 roses : To give 20 roses says you are sincere about your love.

Path running towards a way out : Reminds us that we always have the choice of taking a different path and leaving.

Shrub wall : Also a reminder that if you choose a different path, unknown lies ahead. (which is neutral in itself, even though many of us sees the unknown as something somewhat scary and stressful).

Mountain in the background : Potential obstacles
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I'm enjoying your tour of our Mystical Cats world! I always learn something new from everyone who uses it. -- Lunaea
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