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Doreen Virtue's Conversion

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Originally Posted by Draven Rising View Post
Though I don't remember ever hearing that quote (long time Smiths/Moz fan) I'd doubt he feels so strongly now, considering how often he uses Smiths songs in his current setlists.

Back on topic, Doreen's work has always seemed disingenuous to me, so this turnaround isn't shocking. I just wonder if she'll turn back if selling Christianity doesn't prove profitable enough.
Originally Posted by gregory View Post
You got me interested. Can't find a THING
rI don't remember if it was an exclusive interview with that magazine or a translated interview from the Rolling Stone.
Anyway, I did not put my records underneath the bed. I still keep them.

Until today, I did not get a single DV deck. I never felt attracted by them. Recently, I thought I should get one as they seem to represent something temporary. Reading about her statement now spares me the expense. I also think it's rude and disrepectful to her customers.
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Interesting how people like Rice or Virtue can or could be so easily brain washed into a religion, but to each her/his own I suppose.

One of the highest making money genres in the music industry is "Country" and especially "Christian Country" - so I am sure Virtue will find a niche somewhere there as not all "Christians" are dead set against Tarot or Oracles.

Years ago I talked with a "Captain" from some "Christian church" here in Sydney and they believed in "prophecies" down to having their own "readers" within the church itself. However, she was dead set against any "readers" outside of the church as those ones were considered "devil accomplices" etc etc etc. I had to bite down hard on my lip so as not to laugh in her face, but once I gained my composure I spoke my mind and told her what I thought. No changing her mind that was for sure. Outsiders that "read" were considered EVIL.

As for Sylvie Browne - she brought her death on herself. Not that she deserved to die, but she was "wrong" and for a very very long time.

Virtue will be fine and if music is anything to go by - she will not be hard done by when it comes to making money off of her decks as long as they are not in an "anti religion" light and conform to certain ideals.

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Village Witch 

Originally Posted by Genna View Post
Iīm not angry with you or Village Witch, because you couldnīt have known the right story, not being fans of hers.Iīm sorry if it came out wrong.

And this has nothing to do with DV, but I felt I needed to say this anyway.
I never thought you were angry with me, Genna. All is good. We are just expressing our opinions.

I appreciate you setting the record straight. There are some things I didn't know about Rice or her books. I always appreciate learning. Thank you.
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I am not a member of any faith, and I am well known for debunking it in debate but even I begin to be annoyed by the suggestions here that people who find faith are being "brainwashed" into religion. I know many people who are deeply religious - including RC, Anglican Christians and evangelicals too.

There is nothing wrong with Christian faith. You don't have to be brainwashed to hold it. My issue is with DV specifically - it isn't as if she never believed before - there are loads of indications of her - rather odd, I admit - Christianity in her decks and in her syndicated columns. I do think personally - that she's a money-seeking fake, and I do object to her alleged academic credentials. And even more I object to her banging on about the sanctity of marriage and a whole lot more, given her own marital history (there's nothing WRONG with that - but if you have that kind of history it's very off to say others must not.)

These are things specifically to do with Ms Virtue. I defend to the death people's rights to find faith at any time. I really dislike bringing people like Anne Rice into this. She has nothing to do with it, and we have no idea about the process she went through when embracing her faith. Unless anyone here actually believes the media. OR knows her personally.

Just saying.
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Le Fanu 
Doreen Virtue's Conversion

I honestly don't think anyone really believes what they say about their own golden goose. I mean, they can pretend or, if a deck really is OOP then they don't really have much to earn or lose from it. But mercenary as the impulse behind those angel decks is, I don't think she or Hay House or any of her truly devoted followers would believe that. But of course this is all speculation because hardly anyone has actually seen anything anyway. We (or some of us) are just dancing round the bonfire. I just feel relieved that the slate of feel-good angel decks, which send your view of true life off kilter, may finally be clean.
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Originally Posted by DDwarks View Post
Call me cynic but what else in the New Age world was there left for her to make money on?

I suspect the "Jesus stuff" will be followed later on with "Jesus is a Fairies" stuff on account of her spirituality evolving again.

Like I said, call me cynic if you like.
Hello, fellow cynic!

Originally Posted by Gwynydd View Post
She should do us all a favour and retire Sorry, not a fan.

Originally Posted by Disa View Post
If you look closely, she has dollar signs in her eyes-
Yes...they shine quite brightly.

Originally Posted by banbha View Post
She has some nerve telling people to throw away a deck they paid $ for, she should be offering refunds to all who send her their copy of Ascended Masters deck. It came from her influence after all.
A singer over this way, supposedly spiritual with a big S, made a number of CDs. Some of the song lyrics were quite beautiful, and meaningful! Some tracks were toning sounds or other New Age style stuff, but the CDs were ok..

I'd bought two of them, and later was very annoyed to receive an email from him saying something that essentially pointed to his previous CDs with lyrics being wrong, as the words tainted pure emotion, or something... He suggested doing away with the old CDs, but his new one, wordless, was all good... and yet, years on, his CDs are still kicking around. Thankfully, so are the original beautifully lyrical songs he created... and he still sings words!

Originally Posted by gregory View Post
This from the woman who removed all the nasty stuff (Devil etc) from her Tarot decks....
And nudity....

Originally Posted by Dogs&Coffee View Post
I thoroughly enjoy the irony of the last name "Virtue."
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Doreen who? (yawn)

This whole discussion proves there is no such thing as bad publicity.
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Bscotty38  Bscotty38 is offline
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I watched Doreen's weekly card and spiritual messages this morning. She was using the Fairie oracle cards which I thought was odd for Easter. And no mention of the crucifixtion or resurrection. Strange considering the conversion.
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IF there was a conversion at all. Rhine is spot on

After all - if her FANS destroy that book on her say so, they will have to buy her next one to replace it....
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Fans buy cards for the cards not for religious affiliations and/or one's personal beliefs or creed - so I doubt people all around the world would be signing up to burn anything.

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