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Snapshot Relationship Spread

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Join Date: 10 Apr 2005
Location: Washington, US
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I tried this spread out and it was dead on. Thanks
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Originally Posted by AmyV
Here's one I got from my friend Monika in Prague, who got it from a friend of hers, but I don't know where it originally came from. It's a great spread if you want to get a snapshot of where you stand in a relationship (and I've just thought of a name for it!), it's clear and to the point and looks like this:

Thanks for posting this. I just used it on a young woman in a long distance relationship. It flowed very smoothly for me. I will post her remarks if there is any feedback from her.
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Join Date: 29 Dec 2005
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Great spread Amy...

And great customisation too... they are both very good. Thankyou so much for this spread Amy. It's a great one to have in my book that i didn't have, so once again, thankyou.

Love &* Light , Janey x
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tarot_princess  tarot_princess is offline
Join Date: 02 Jan 2006
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Very good spread

Hey this is a really good spread... I just used it on a young girl who was in a relationship with a guy who is like, 20 years older than her... and it was absolutely spot on!
good going!
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Join Date: 16 May 2005
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Woah, great spread. I will be using it in a bit. Thanks for sharing.
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aquanesha  aquanesha is offline
Join Date: 06 Jan 2006
Location: California USA
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I loved it

I tried this spread a couple of days ago and I have to say that I am very excited with the cards that were pulled. Thank you for sharing the spread.
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Location: WI, USA
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I have used this spread many many times and it is always spot on...definitely one of my favorite relationship spreads...thanks so much! I like the modified one a lot too.
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I love this spread...worked very nicely for me! I'm particularily happy with hithe impression he has of me...hehe. Thank you!
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I just used this spread in a difficult reading--one of those where one of the partners has clearly chosen to break up, move on and not contact the other...but the one left behind wants a reading on "will he come back to me?"

Realistically, the answer to that is very often NO. This spread worked gently and diplomatically, and my querent said the reading was very enlightening and yet also very considerate.

Great spread.
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This is a great spread! I'm a novice and so far have only used 3-card readings. I decided to use this spread as my first bigger spread.
This one is straightforward, it gives incredible insight and clarity, it helps with encouraging intuition, and it was so accurate.
Thanks so much for this.
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