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Phantasmagoric Theatre Tarot

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Little Baron 

Excellent Job SB. I am glad that everyone will be able to benefit from it again.

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My first question is: where do I find the space to
lay out the entire deck so I can look at the cards?
This is going to end up taking over a whole room...
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Solandia, please bring it back! I aquired the deck today and love it! Would really like to see some of the study done on this deck. The ones locked in the archives, I mean.
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It seems that these threads are no longer in the archives. I'm trying to find them so that I can put them all together in an index thread.

Will keep folk updated.

Love Sulisxx - co-moderator - Tarot Study Groups
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Thumbs up

Wow so wonderfull! A study-group about the Phantasmagoric Theather Tarot, one of my favorite tarots
I just became a member (again) after maybe more than 12 of more years, I can't remember and then there were plans to start a study group...
I'm so curious now to find out about what everyone posted about the cards. I just love the energy and unique style of this tarot deck, it just deserves this attention, just totally, so cool!

with love
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