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Planet Series: SATURN transiting thru your houses

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my last saturn in 4th transit

Now is the time to DEFINE ONES SPACE. You may likely lay new foundations of a socail, family, security, home, personal values nature or at least totally refurbish what once was suitable. These foundations will be quite "deep" so as to affirm your vision or growing awareness of what has become quite important to you.

What was adequate now has to be expanded or improved. Sometimes one can go too far in seeing and objecting to the blemishes in others and over react -- possibly to one's detriment. But, the show goes on. Changes are the order of the day -- and the night.
main events (against a bit of a chaotic backdrop of transiting uranus conjunct natal sagitarius moon in 4th)
suddenly separated from husband, upped and left everything behind and with no money decided to go back home to my family - i never felt comfortable living abroad, couldnt adapt to the culture
emigrated back to the UK after having grown up here but spent some time abroad
had to live with my parents again which was a kind of regression at the age of mid twenties
i was not thinking of staying permanently but my father made me change my mind
i felt safe and secure although i went from having a flat to myself to living in the small room but i was grateful to escape the chaos

because i was not born here and had been out of the country for more than 2 years i had to wait 18 months to be allowed to remain with indefinite leave, i was not allowed to work
so restrictions, delays, alot of formalities to sort out and frustration
the upside is just as saturn left the 4th house i got a mortgage with my brother encouraged by my father for future security - and we bought a house as an investment
i ended up living with my parents till i was 35 - most of the time wondering how wonderful it would be to have an independent life - i did feel i missed out on a lot of freedom - but from where i come from its normal for girls to stay at home till find a partner - and yes at 35 i met someone and i moved out a year later

so yes those years were one of the milestones i always remember in my life - so i guess i understand the huge changes/turning points that saturn represents by transit - i guess i will see saturn now as offering a fresh start
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OK must admit I think I'm lost on this one:

Originally Posted by dadsnook2000
Now is a time of realization. You have redefined yourself in many ways by now, either completely or mostly. Its time to recognize that and to deal with it -- or perhaps help others to deal with it. Why this "interactive" stuff. Because you will soon have to work with others in the real world, helping them to change or to change "things" in the world. This is the time to "test" or to reassess yourself. Have you completed your growth, reached your goals, created a new you of value.

Now, you may be bored during this phase following the process of working on yourself so intensely prior to Saturn reaching the sixth house. Ignoring health issues is common -- but detrimental. Be aware of the sixth house sign that Saturn is transiting thru and take care of associated health/body issues. You will need your vitality, your focus, your confidence -- all this needs to be nailed down in this transit.
Would this be me? My natal Saturn is in Aries at 25-25 ....... House 6 retrograde. However, at the moment (I did the progressed chart) it is also in Aries but in House 5, also retrograde.
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Originally Posted by star-lover
yes but it depends what degree your leo house cusp starts at so currently saturn is at around 5 degrees leo (ive just checked your chart details on the other thread - using equal houses system your 4th cusp is at 28 leo) so saturn is currently in your 3rd house and wont be in your 4th house for a while yet

you can also check past present or future dates when saturn was transiting any of the house by inputting your details in, once you have done that go back to the home page
click on free horoscopes
extended chart selection (towards the bottom of the page)
select the type of chart you want (drop down menu)
natal chart and transits
lastly where it says *start date for charts marked* enter any date then click here to show the chart
the transits will be in green on the outside of the circle
Saturn is transiting my 4th then....even with the degree....
Thanks Star-Lover

HUREDRIEL: Saturn is transiting your 9th & 10th....but seeing the degree Saturn is in now in's still in your 9th...I believe
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transits and house systems

Originally Posted by WhiteRaven
Saturn is transiting my 4th then....even with the degree....
Thanks Star-Lover

yes - sorry i was calculating it with the equal house system - with that system your saturn would be in your 3rd for a few years to come

i just put your details in and the majority of house systems have your 4th house at 4 leo so yes its in your 4th now

so if saturn has left your 3rd house the 3rd house transits section above by dave should make sense for the last several years
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A bunch of comments

Should you use the equal house system for this topical thread? I think not. My reasoning is this: Signs are equally divided and they are a common link that each of us has to everyone else. Houses are not, in most systems, evenly divided along the zodiac -- instead they are OUR PERSONAL SPACE, unique to us as individuals born at a specific time and place. When we use Equal Houses for this kind of a study, we throw away that individualistic space -- and Saturn is, if anything, a symbol that correlates with us defining our individuality. So, I would tend to stick with one of the unequal house systems even though there are variations between them.

What is important with these house systems is not where the house cusp is, that is relatively not important. But, the house represents a general approach to experience and expression. With Saturn moving so slow, we often are not looking for a "this on ond day, and that on the next day" effect. It is a continuing transition.

Saturn is very much a "timing" mechanism, a moving calendar of our life experiences. This thread is about transiting Saturn in our various houses. We are not limited to NOW. We can, in fact, go back to any point in our life and look to see where Saturn was (in which house) and then consider what we were facing at that time.

Stardancer made an important point for each of you to reconsider! Houses are areas of expression and experience. When do we express ourselves and experience things in a meaningful way? When planets make aspectual contact! It was noted that Saturn transits to the Sun (any aspect) seemed to trigger events and experiences. CHECK YOUR NATAL SATURN ASPECTS. Does Saturn's transiting position, when it aspects in any way a planet that it natally aspected, trigger an event or an experience?

The transit thru a house's territory signifies a general form of experience and expression, a sort of personal theme. The transiting Saturn aspecting a natal planet in any way (when it also has a natal connection to that planet) will tend to trigger a highlighted event or experience that brings that house into fuller meaning for us.

You can make a simple chart or yearly calendar that notes when Saturn transits any house and then make a note of what happend in your life at that time. You will see similarities when you move thru each Saturn-cycle. This is something that I will do later in this thread or perhaps I'll start a seperate thread to address this. It's very interesting.

PROGRESSED CHARTS. I don't suggest using secondary progressed charts to study Saturn's impact in terms of Saturn's movements. Saturn doesn't move overly much in the two months or so following ones birth, so these charts tend not to show that much. We can later look at how to interpret the Moon and the Sun movement in those charts relative to Saturn. Or we can use the Solar Arc Progression charts. But few of us will likely find anything meaningful in a regular secondary progression chart.

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Dave's Saturn thru the first and second houses -- 3rd cycle.

I have completed my second Saturn return and am now in my third cycle. My natal Saturn is in mid-Pisces in the 10th house. My ASC degree is zero Cancer.

In 2001 I was working as a computer systems applications anyalst and consultant for global business systems. I had regular interactions with the leaders of the largest corporations in the world. The big "Y2K" computer glitch panic was passing (older legacy system computers had not been designed to work with a four-digit "year", just two-digits. Everyone was panicing about their computers not working when the year 2000 arrived -- assuming that their systems would try to revert to 1900). Everyone was buying and installing new computer systems or reprogramming their old system.

By the end of 2001 it became apparent that the over-spending and over-buying of systems would result in a huge slow-down of sales and services for the next several years. Merge this fact with the growing impact of the Internet and of Microsoft-based systems that were smaller, faster, cheaper, more-customizable, and available thru many smaller companies. The end result was that all of a sudden the entire industry seemed to shrink to 5% of what it formerly was! In 2002 I FOUND MYSELF IN "RETIREMENT."

Saturn was transiting thru late Gemini, approaching Cancer and my ASC degree. I truly was at a point of redefining myself in a very acute way. My wife and I had adopted three grandchildren and were raising them. I was now out of work with no possiblity of returning to my field of endeavor. For many men, their "work" tends to define them. While I loved my work, I had worked in many career fields over my lifetime and did not feel threatened in terms of my identity -- but I did have to address this issue. I was healthy, active and had a busy life.

During those few years from 2002/2003 to 2005 Saturn was in my first house. I switched over from "work" to "personal interest" mode. I resumed my wood carving and astrological work at an almost full-time pace, took on more of the household work to help out the wife who was working part-time, and helped out the town where I live to sort out their plans and records for housing, roads, sewage systems, etc. and build a database and storage system so that they could retrieve old records going back over a hundred years.

As Saturn moved into late Cancer, and my second house, I concieved the idea of turning my wood carving into something of value. I put together the idea for my web-site -- the Tarot Pride Workshop -- and created a number of carvings, replications, etc. for tarot boxes, tarot jewelry and accessory items for part-time and professional readers and collectors. This consumed most of that 2nd house transiting period -- which is still underway. During this time I also started teaching the local school Chess Club and the Robotics Club. This again is a "self value" expression as I am able to share my skills and knowledge with others and can help them grow.

It is interesting to note that all of this is in a form that fits with the THIRD CYCLE of Saturn -- defining how you are going to help others and leave a legacy to your world.

So, this is a partial snap-shot of my first and second house transiting Saturn and how it expresses itself. Dave
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ok thanks dave

for that explanation on the house systems and equal not being personal enough - i never really thought about it having always used equal house system just out of habit and simplicity and to be honest not understanding the arguments for the different systems but i guess it makes sense - will try some out and see what changes in regard to timing of transits and possible planet in house changes
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Saturn in 1st house

Originally Posted by Dadsnook
The most typical response to this transit is that you feel depressed, you might be lacking in self-confidence, you feel that your handle on life just broke. All of this is because inside you sense that you need to "become more, be better." Something has been lost, it seems. You must define, find, redefine just who you are. You came to this situation with some momentum but all of a sudden you realize you might be inadequate for what you are facing. Self doubts abound.
Saturn in the first house requires you to face reality, to realize that growth must occur constantly and that perhaps you hadn't started to change and grow earlier and that you must now devote yourself more fully to becoming prepared for the challenges ahead. Only be facing the demands of reality can you move toward a more confident and prepared "you."
I'm not sure that I have done this one correctly but if I have:
Oddly enough this is in fact true. Normally a very confident person, lately I have been quite confused as to my purpose. This has been a trend since I started college. I have been over and over the same feeling that I am supposed to be doing something, but I do not know what that something is. I am soul-searching at the moment to find my higher purpose. It always seems like I am running to catch up to something but I don't know what that something is. Everyone tells me to calm down as I am only 24 and I will find my "something" in time but I have an inner drive to find it NOW. My natal Saturn was in the 4th house. I do remember as a child being very resolute about what I wanted to do and be when I was older. It all seemed to go out of the window.
Did I do this correctly?
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For Crystelle . . . and for everyone else, also

You have touched upon some of the complexities of reading a chart that many early-studies students have never yet realized. Charts are often read in "levels" wherein several related factors are considered both seperately and together. What you have described points to 1) Saturn in its overall cyclic position relative to its natal position, 2) Saturn moving through your own personal space -- the houses, and 3) Saturn in aspect to a natal planet (passing an opposition to natal Venus and a square to natal Jupiter, while approaching a conjunction with natal Moon). We can take a quick (not an in-depth) look at these components as a means of helping everyone to better understand the multi-complexities (Wow, is that a word?) of Saturn in a chart.

Saturn is in the last quadrant of its own First Cycle, about 50 degrees from your Saturn return which you will start experiencing in 2011. You have been moving from a somewhat self-aware and self-directed way of living your life toward a period of review and questioning.

Saturn is moving thru your first house bringing with it a growing sense of having to define yourself, of finding what might have been lost, what might be needed, of how to cope with uncertainty and a sense that all things around you have changed and are testing you.

Now, compare the above two statements in terms of their "multi-complexity". You are sensing that you have to engage in a review of what you have so far accomplished and the manner in which you have lived your life. At the same time you already feel that "you are ahead of the worry-curve" and that you should already have figured this out. The result of these two out-of-sync feelings is something similar to what you should experience in/near 2011 when you have your Saturn Return.

Natal Saturn is near the mid-point between your Moon and Mercury. As Saturn approaches the Moon, this natal pattern is activated. This can be expressed in many ways, among them -- Difficulty in thinking clearly, sad thoughts, wanting to solve problems, difficult and tedious work, seperation from women in your life (seperation as in not talking, loss of contact, etc.), and possibly moving into different places and situations.

Earlier, Saturn had squared your natal Pluto, and then Jupiter. Sudden change and/or loss or upheaval, followed by a need to make a decision about moving toward a gain of some sort versus holding onto to what you had. This certainly fit with the Saturn-in-its-own-cycle-meaning of operating in a self-directing mode, being conscious of your actions and results from them. But, you can check out these transit dates and relate them to your actual experiences at/around those times.

What I've covered above is what the practiced astrologer would see and note when glancing at a chart. Several things are almost always operating at the same time. This is why I have repeated stressed in the Planet Series postings that we need to focus on keeping things simple, building upon a few key observations. Once we get into a chart, things like this start to fill in the details. If you start examining a chart and loading up your head with details you will quickly get lost.

This brings up another issue that I have mentioned from time to time. When reading a chart for a client who has questions, you may choose to just look at the various cycles of Saturn (as an example) because that is what relates to the questions the client poses. YOU MAY NEVER LOOK AT THE WHOLE CHART IN DETAIL because it just isn't needed. That surprises a lot of students, but it is true. In a given amount of time, and to fit the focus and attention span of the client, you can only sometimes cover so much ground.

I hope this has been helpful. Dave.
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From Dave -- (older legacy system computers had not been designed to work with a four-digit "year", just two-digits. Everyone was panicing about their computers not working when the year 2000 arrived -- assuming that their
systems would try to revert to 1900).

I was a computer operator/librarian/JCL worker in the 80's. One of my questions was addressing the Y2K problem. A programmer just shrugged and said that it was too far into the future to worry about it, lol.

Anyway, I didn't mention my current transiting Saturn square natal Sun is from the 10th House to the 1st. I have yet to go through a subsequent transiting Saturn conjunct my natal Uranus in the 10th through May, then I suspect this whole trial and tribulation of restrictions and reordering I've been experiencing will be over with. Yeah...

I'm an astrologer (I've been lazy on transits for years and concentrated more on aspects and personality) and didn't realize how the transits of Saturn were working in my chart, especially when Saturn aspects the Sun. Of course, when you are looking at all the other slow moving transits, rather than concentrating on one planet's cycle, it's most liekly harder to separate the influences. It's funny that I see the Saturn transits as having a Uranian quality, since it seems things break apart, rather than fuse together. But maybe it's just me that squirms against the bonds.
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