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Star of Discovery

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Star of Discovery

I would like to know all about this spread, can anybody help me out?

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you know, i JUST made it.
not more then 10 minutes ago since i wrote a bit about the first card of the spread. it will be some time before i am finished with it, a few days at least.

it is from Christine Jettes book "Tarot shadow work" and it is in the shape of a star.

something like this:


so 6 cards and she writes a lot about each place but here are the keywords:

1, Denial
2, Anxiety
3, Inferiority
4, Anger
5, Secrecy
6, Self-loathing

at least it is a start. there is a thread for it in this forum too. where you can see how others did. but i do recommend getting the book
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I'm sorry aeonx! I meant to post that, but I got distracted. Jema's right. The book is good because it gives you the "alternate shadow meanings" for each card. I think the explanations would be hard to arrive at if you only used traditional tarot meanings.

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Star of Discovery


Christine Jette used the Major Arcana to do the Star of Discovery Spread in Tarot Shadow Work although she wrote a later paper, available on the Tarot Passages web site, suggesting that beginners could use all cards.

I prefer using the Major Arcana as those cards represent major themes.

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Join Date: 24 Sep 2001
Location: Norway
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Thanks a lot guys, I will consider buying the book. It sounds really interesting!

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