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Moon in Libra

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Moon in Libra

Again this arises from the Tarot based the Decanates in the tarot minors thread.

Together with the Sun, the Moon has such important presence, not only as the major celestial bodies visually, but also as Light bringers.

The Moon reflects the Sun's rays - but it has its own magnetic and gravitational influences, as well as spheres of influence which, from a more physicalist perspective, may be either rejected or dismissed a little too readily.

In some circles, the Moon is seen as the heavenly abode of Osiris and of one of the Elohim. It may thus be a place where some personal sacrifice is reflected.

The Moon is of course often associated with one's moods and feelings of worth. it may therefore be indicative of how one masks oneself (personality).

Libra can depict the courteous and sociable, and the importance of relationships with other individuals.

Together, Moon in Libra may therefore indicate the importance one places on the value or worth of how one inter-relates to other individuals, and how one's moods may be so easily affected by one's sense of the other person.

Again, I have used only some aspect of the 'planet' and sign only, and look forward to reading more insightful reflections.
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I would say ASC is more easily linked to a persona than the moon. But perhaps if you do not consider the angles, moon will stand in for that function. Moon also represents core emotional needs, what a person requires to feel secure.

So Moon in Libra requires a certain amount of detachment and fairness. This moon desires harmony which ties into the need for others. Harmony requires at least two elements.
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Kevin Burk argues that the Moon is comfortabale where there is harmony, balance and beauty, which suggests this may be a good place for the Moon - as Isthmus says harmonious relationships require two parties at least. In the first decanate of Libra the Moon at least recognises this - harmony for the moon will be through expressing and sharing feelings and emotions within the relationship.

The Moon likes to feel at home or give a sense of belonging or emotional security - in Libra (or at least the first decanate) the Moon is at home in relationships. Being the Moon there's always room for moodiness but this is more likely in the last 20 degrees where the Moon is Peregrine.
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