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Which deck is the best of the best?

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Which deck is the best of the best?

thought i'd borrow this from the tarot wht is the best of the best oracle deck?

Well the one I'm enjoying reading with at the moment is the Fairy Ring but I'm not sure it will stay one of my favourites, only time will tell on that one.
that said I think it will be the one I will come back to time and time again so out of all the decks I've seen up close and personal then it would have to be this one.

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Golden Silvery Dionna
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For me personally, the Froud Faeries' Oracle has been the best of the best oracles.
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oooooo frouds faeries or madame endora... gosh i really cant decide on either because I love them both SO much.
I especially love the faery seeker circles we do

But I dont know if i could decide between the two.
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For me it will be Froud Faeries :o)

Just love them!
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It depends on what you need from the oracle. I have the Angel Blessings cards because they're not camp, they're taken from famous masters' paintings - and sometimes that kind of beauty is what I need to see.

If I need to know what's going to happen with a fair amount of clarity, then my Lenormand (the traditional kind with the playing card insets - Dondorf, Blue Owl, Piatnik). I think the Eltynne is going to prove good in this way, too.

And if I need to know WHY - then the Symbolon. One that I very rarely take out. It's reduced me to tears, reduced clients to tears - you don't even need to explain it to people. If you ask honestly, you see honestly.

Which you dont always want to do. Trust me on this. But at times it is invaluable.

I like Froud's Faeries because they're not kitsch, too, and the Singers - I've seen them in real life (or as real as my life gets). It helps with feeling connected.

I enjoy Leidingkarten, sibilla decks, and the like, and they can get pretty 'stretchy' - but I don't think you can take them as far as you can take Lenormand.

What do you want to know of the oracle? That usually answers which oracle to use.
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OOoo... Tough decision... it's between Froud's Faerie Oracle and CLAMP's Clow Card Deck, for me. ^^
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Faolainn Storm 

EASY! Froud's Faeries hands down, forever! They are the best and always will be.

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sporadic magic
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The Fantod Pack performed brilliantly for me on Halloween.
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Carpathian Dream
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I have to say I automaticaly reach for my Victorian Flower Oracle for readings, followed closely by my RGFTC. I recently bought Spirit of the Wheel and this looks really deep.

Sibilla Della Zingara (Gypsy Oracle Cards) is also a lovely little deck.

Apart from those, I also have a few little uplifting affirmation decks that I wouldn't be without.
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Another vote for Froud's Faeries . . . they are absolutely without compare.

\m/ Kat
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