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What Oracle Deck are you working with now? 2009

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Join Date: 25 Mar 2009
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What Oracle Deck are you working with now? 2009

I noticed a thread like this for tarot decks but haven't found one for I thought I'd start one...this thread is simply a place to post the current deck you are working with/learning and then as that changes over can repost. It is not for discussion of a deck other than a brief description.

Currently I have been spending some time getting to know the Karama cards....I'm not sure they are specifically an oracle because they are based on astrology. I'm not sure if I like them or not...I can definately say I have not "connected" with them so perhaps over time that will change.
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2_Journey  2_Journey is offline
Join Date: 30 Nov 2008
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I am working with the Hawaiian Oracle. It continues to delight me with the quality of readings I receive from it.
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Aulruna  Aulruna is offline
Fugitive from the law of averages
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Thanks for starting this thread

The ones I'm using most frequently at the moment are Bird Signs, Oracle of the Dragonfae and Spirit of the Wheel (a long-time favourite!).

However, I got some cool gifts recently, including the Way of Cartouche and the Seven Ray Energy cards ... I plan to try all of those, too!
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BodhiSeed  BodhiSeed is offline
Join Date: 14 Oct 2004
Location: Under a Sycamore Tree
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Using Mirrors of the Heart (this simple folk-art style seems to be just what I need right now)
as well as the lovely Bird Signs
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Shadow wolf1214  Shadow wolf1214 is offline
Join Date: 12 Apr 2009
Location: Connecticut, USA
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Shadow wolf1214 

Right now i only own one oracle deck and i use it quite often. It is the Goddess Guidance Oracle.
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emmsma  emmsma is offline
Join Date: 18 Feb 2009
Location: In my skin!
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I'm using Mystisches Kipper and Tree Magick. I need to get back to Mystical Lenormand!
So many decks, so little time.
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diane drizzy  diane drizzy is offline
Join Date: 06 Mar 2004
Location: sitting with the bleacher creatures
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diane drizzy 

Faeries Oracle, since publication. Only oracle deck I own and love.
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I'm using my Lenormand for daily readings.
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SherryZoned  SherryZoned is offline
Join Date: 03 Apr 2002
Location: Texas
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So far I only own one oracle. Have not gotten along with others. I LOVE this one. The Pathfinder animal Totem oracle.. I have amazingly insightful readings with this deck.
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HearthCricket  HearthCricket is offline
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What a fun thread!

Right now I am using The Oracle of the Dragonfae, Spirit of the Wheel and The Victorian Flower Oracle. All favourites of mine. Madam Endora is getting jealous of the Dragonfae, though. She is my ever faithful oracle, so I may have to pull her out and give her some attention before she reeks havoc in the oracle drawer!

In fact, I think I just heard a few Goddesses screaming...
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