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Your Personal favorite deck.

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Your Personal favorite deck.

Hiya all!
I am looking for a new oracle deck and I would like to get to know the various different decks from Personal stand-points. How do you like them? Have they been helpful? I also am looking for something that isn't always so upie-upie if that makes sense. I want down to earth readings. I love my Angel cards but I don't do readings with them I do inspriations seeing as how they are always so cheerful and that doesn't always work well! So yes I knew everyone connects differently but I find that real-life stories are much better then the box discription!! Thanks guys=)
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My personal favourite is my Froud Faeries' Oracle.

It's a wonderful deck, comes with an amazing companion book, and is great for personal daily draws. I also find it very well balanced, with just the right amount of humour!
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I think you should check out L'Oracle Bleu. It's unlike any oracle deck I've seen and it's very beautiful. You can view it at R. Sommerville playing cards. I have it, but haven't really used it yet, as I am focussing on tarot, but it is worth a look. I think there may be photos archived here somewhere as well. The artist's name is Sylvie Breysse and I believe she has a website. Sorry, I am not good at computer things, otherwise I would upload some photos.
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My Recommendations...

One perennial favorite of mine is the Medicine Cards. I've used this for both public and private readings. It's a great alternative to tarot, or for people who connect to animals, or for connecting to one's animal totem(s). It's very flexible for reading on mundane issues, very deep issues, or as a daily draw deck. It's not the prettiest animal deck on the market (and I've had most all of them at one time or other), but it's the one that seems to have stayed around, for some reason.

My other all-time keeper is the Healing with the Angels Oracle. I favor this one over the others of that ilk for a few reasons. The real biggie is because it has only one or two words on each card, as opposed to small paragraphs. This makes reading the cards more open to interpretation. Also, I prefer the understated, classic artwork of this first of DV's decks, as opposed to the later stuff. I recognize that most of the oracles that followed are over-the-top gorgeous, but over-the-top gorgeous doesn't necessarily translate to readable for me. Lastly, I found my Healing with the Angels Oracle in Spanish, which was personally important to me. In my experience, this deck is very good for spiritual issues, or for connecting with passed loved ones; however, it's not so easy for me to read on mundane stuff with this one.

The third and last deck I will recommend is Froud's Faeries Oracle. The art is exquisite (IMHO), and the book is wonderfully written. The cards are surprisingly accessible and conducive to reading for self or others. Like the Medicine Cards, it works well for both major crossroads issues, as well as the more day-to-day stuff. Querents respond very well to the faeries, in my experience. One additional advantage I find with this oracle is the deck size; it's closer to a standard tarot card size, as opposed to, say, the Doreen Virtue decks or the Medicine Cards. So, this is nice for someone in search of a quality oracle in a size closer to standard tarot long as you like faeries, of course.

EDIT: Oops, I see that Morgane_49 also recommended the Faeries Oracle. Well, that's what I get for posting while watching TV, LOL. Anyway, "ditto" on what she said, too...
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I want to vote for the Froud's Faeries, too. I'd toss the rest of my Oracles if required, but would fight tooth and nail for this deck. The thing that really separates it as a deck (leaving aside the reality or otherwise of the faeries) is the ease of use within a spread. Most of my other Oracles I find are difficult to use in a spread situation, but this one reads beautifully and the cards really feed well into one another.

Oh, I should say I count Lenormand in a whole other group So, then there's Lenormand decks - the ARLO and Les Vieux Jours being my favourites. It's great for down-to-earth readings but isn't so much about introspection, for me, as it is about "fortune-telling". It's well fun

\m/ Kat
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Second TH's recommendation for the Lenormands. Very down-to-earth, and well balanced.

Or if you're like me and are not ready to delve into ANOTHER whole new system, my personal favourite is Madame Endora's.
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My number one favourite Oracle is Graven Images Oracle..Loved it from the minute it arrived, pictures of cemetary statuatary in black borders, I find it very peaceful to use, & gives very healing readings I find.

I love Madame Endora too, she is a very no nonsense straight talking lady with a wicked sense of humour! Love its gothic type look & rich colours.
My other top Oracle is Symbolon, beautiful colours with gold & I find it works best as a totally intuitive read. Very pretty .

I love Lenormand too altho need to work with it more to get better readings

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I 'third' the Lenormands. Ideal for down-to-earth, common sense readings. There's nothing 'fluffy' or 'cutesy' or 'away-with-the-fairies' about this deck.

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Carpathian Dream
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I'm working with Lenormand a lot too
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Luman Dreaming In Color. GORGEOUS and oh-so-accurate!
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