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oracle cards for beginners

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oracle cards for beginners

Hi there. I'm looking for a great beginners oracle card deck that's easy to read and understand. I have tarot card decks but they're hard to understand for me.
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Bhavana  Bhavana is offline
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since most oracle decks are theme decks, on everything from animals to sports to whatever, it would help to know what your interests are!
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You might work your way through this list

Some decks (both oracle and tarot) come with keywords on them which might give you a jumping off point.

There is also an Intuitive Oracle Circle here. Consider joining it when you get your oracle, it is a very good experience and since it is oracle and books are banned who could possibly say you 'read it wrong' which is the worry that keeps a lot of people out of the tarot reading circles.

And keep posting, I think all the circles require 25 posts or more to join
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Le Fanu 

They say Madam Endora's Fortune Cards is an accessible one. I have it. Very easy to use.

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Have you seen this one: (by a Florida artist)

ETA: Here are some of my favorite to look at:

AORA Gemstone
Crystal Ally

Earth Magic


Medicine Cards


Let us know which art and themes are attracting you.
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Any oracle cards by Doreen Virtue are relatively easy to use.
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Le Mat
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There are lots of options, but you might consider a Lenormand, such as this. Each card is just a common 19th century pastoral scene depicting ordinary things like a house, dog, woman, moon, etc. The cards are numbered, so you can look up the meanings in the little booklet, or just make up your own. It may be the most popular type of oracle deck, and it's really very simple to understand.

ETA: Or you make it as complicated as you wish.
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If you want an oracle for divination, and easy to use, I'd suggest sibillas, or illustrated playing cards. There are quite a few italian sibillas like La vera Sibilla, Sibilla Della Zingara, french one like Sibilla Oracle Cards (Parlour Sibyl), east-europeans ones like Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten, german ones like the Kipper, and my favorite version the Mystisches Kipper.
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Originally Posted by DragonRaven84 View Post
Hi there. I'm looking for a great beginners oracle card deck that's easy to read and understand. I have tarot card decks but they're hard to understand for me.
Ana Cortez' Playing Card Oracles, without a doubt.

The book is what makes it easy. You can buy Ana's deck and book (e-book) directly from her here:
Or, you can get a used hard copy of the book on Amazon.
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I have lots of tarot..and played with the tarot for years...but found that normal playing cards were the best to use for me as they dealt with "everyday" life until I stumbled across the LENORMAND. Blue owl to be exact. I have never had any problems with any of my decks except maybe the THOTH....

Lenormand is very easy to use and if you want to answer SPECIFIC questions...rather than go around in circles...this is definitely one deck to consider! I have been using these for about 2 to 2 and a half years and have neglected all other cards....I really do love using these cards.
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