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Tarot of the Origins: 6 of Blood

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Tarot of the Origins: 6 of Blood

6 of Blood:
Another card in all red.
I feel this one is quite the opposite of the 10 of Blood:
A person is sitting on the ground. He/ she is pulling on s carcass with his teeth. There seem to be only skin and bones left, the whole still attached.
I have a feeling, that this person is starving and just found an animal carcass or chased some predators away from their meal. Why else would he/ she not methodically cut up the meet, portioning it, getting it ready for transport back to camp.
To me it seems this person is ravenously hungry starving and alone.
Harsh realities in a harsh land at harsh times.
.But also speaking of having luck....
and tenacity.......
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Rite of Blood

A ritual of blood. It sounds gory and horrific, but perhaps quite necessary for to acquire knowledge.

"In our clan, the finest hunters are the ones who understand not only how to hunt but the nature of their prey. We are taught to think like our animals, smell like our animals, run like our animals, and eat like our animals. Thus the shaman demanded of the chief hunter that a novice hunter must be put through a rite of passage, one that does not even involve hunting. I must be an animal.

The young man who would be a hunter is sent away for three days without food. An experienced hunter of the clan accompanies him and confiscates his weapons. The youth may forage for some meager plants, but is denied hunting and meat. It is the advocate's job to observe the youth's movements and actions, that they mimic the actions of his intended prey. He must prove that he moves stealthily, senses danger, and can run at the first sign. Honing these instincts to razor-sharp accuracy, in the midst of aching hunger, are the skills of an accomplished hunter.

Then, the advocate makes a kill for the youth. As a final rite, he must eat some of the carcass, for no animal cooks its food. The advocate does not leave, and does not return the youth's weapons, until he has passed this final test.

My First was awful. With only a thin stone file, I slashed the body raggedly and tore it open, stuffing jagged pieces of raw flesh in my mouth and trying to swallow as fast as possible. The slippery meat was revolting, and the stink of blood and the tickle of unskinned hairs in my mouth were almost enough to make me vomit up my burden. And yet I ate greedily, for an animal knows no compunction about satisfying the immediacy of need. I was starving, unaccustomed to going without food, and here it was, so I must have it. Such is what we must understand when we are as desperate as animals to kill.

When my advocate was satisfied (with an amused grin on his face, no doubt the traditional expression of all advocates of this rite), I tore the creature's heart out and buried it for the Earth Mother, and left the tattered remnants to feed other predators. I returned to camp to rest, and my advocate went off in search of game to cook. I was sick the next day, but the overwhelming feeling of victory quelled it. The Rite of Blood is one of victory for those who know what it is to be prey in a world of hardship."
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