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Decks similiar to Shadowscapes, Paulina Tarot and Joie de vivre Tarot

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ana luisa 

Originally Posted by Nina* View Post
I'd also recommend the Dreaming Way. It's a wonderful deck.
And it reads like a charm.
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I recommend Floweriness Tarot. baby_dream sells it on Ebay.
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Miss Divine 

Another vote for Dreaming Way! The artwork is lovely, the images are easy to read, and last but not least, the cardstock is superb!!
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The Dreaming Way Tarot. I have already ordered it online, and is currently waiting for it to arrive! The artwork is very soft and beautiful...
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Originally Posted by karen0205 View Post
Ooh, I like the artwork and imagery of the Dream Enchantress deck quite a bit! Are ALL the figures in it female? No males at all? I was not looking specifically for that, and it's very different from what I had in mind, but on my wishlist it goes!
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I own the Dream Enchantress and yes, all the figures are female (sometimes the gender is difficult to identify though). Even the kings are actually female figures wearing masks.
I love it. There is something soft and watery about it... The artwork is different from the other tarot mentioned in the first post, though, it's less busy.
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I also suggest the Crystal Visions tarot. So pretty!
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