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Tarot of the Origins: 4 of Soul

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Tarot of the Origins: 4 of Soul

4 of Cups: Bones of Soul

The bones we leave behind when our bodies decay are the last memory of who we were. They are magical, full of spiritual energy as well as DNA. Bones have many spiritual uses despite their grisly association with horror and death. This old shaman discovered an abandoned cave full of such bones.

"I was foraging for plants for my ceremonies. The late spring was ideal as the mountains north of our cave had had the meltwater run off following the long winter, exposing new crevices to explore and plants to gather.

One such cave had been blocked by snow, undiscovered by our people. In it, I found carvings on th wall eerily similar to the markings on my own body, Had my mentor been here before me, expecting me to find this place one day? Had her mentors been here before her? How old is this place?

There lay the skeleton of a creature long dead. Long, curved bones lay jutting upright, as if invited her to find them and hold them. Ribs? Tusks? What was this? I will have to bring the hunters next time, to see if they can identify it. Or can I...

My mentor told me many times that the memory of an animal may be tapped in its remains. I reach down to pick one up, and as my fingers close over the cool, dry, smooth surface, I am assaulted by the reality of the animal's life. I see through its eyes, I smell its scents, I taste what it eats. It is instinctual, raw, and violent. I saw how it was wounded. I felt it bleed. I saw it crawl into this space to die in peace. I am washed in sadness and pain, but also power.

The power of memory is an awesome thing. The bones of soul remind me not to neglect what has come before me, and to take blessings when offered them.

I will take some of these bones with me. They will used for adornment and for sacred tools. I will add the creature's power to my own. I give thanks to the spirits for letting me use their child's remains for my use. Perhaps on my next voyage to the spirit land, I will see this creature so I may thank it personally.
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