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Lenormand Readers ....Pet Peeves?

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greatdane  greatdane is offline
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Lenormand Readers ....Pet Peeves?

First, I LOVE reading Lenormand and I am delighted to read for those seeking some advice, perspective.

So many of those who Sit for me, are just lovely and respectful and are looking for a way to look at an issue in their lives. Advice, a bit of a warning, what might be on their Path and to give them a heads up.

They know and respect the parameters I post EVERY TIME I set up a monthly thread and every time I post when I open.

**And I would like to add I KNOW ANYONE can ask for any reading allowed on AT and I certainly wouldn't want to take that freedom away. I AM ONLY talking about people I DON'T want to read for.**

Now, with that said. People I DON'T wish to read for:

Those Serial Sitters, usually about romance, who seek reading after reading, day after day, month after month, sometimes year after year, out of desperation of their object of obsession.

All the readings just enable them to avoid dealing with, or getting counseling, for their problems and these are Sitters I want to avoid because they're not looking for advice, perspective, but hope to cling to someone they know is a cheater, abusive, a liar and/or just is using them.

Those who seek readings out of boredom or distraction. Like what should I eat today? Will I have fun tonight? I don't wish to use my time and energy on a trivial question that someone is just asking for "fun."

Those who want to use readings to "peek" into others lives. Is my boss having an affair with my coworker?

My connection is to the person asking for the reading, NOT to someone who didn't ASK to have their privacy invaded.

Lenormand Readers? Anything you have that is a pet peeve?
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Yup - those who ask the same questions over and over again; those who are determined to confirm the meaning/answer they want to have, regardless of what anyone else sees in their cards, or what the cards are really saying... (it begs the question, why are you posting your reading here, then...?) and those who cling desperately to a losing proposition, rather than face the truth the cards keep giving them.

Other than that, those who don't post feedback, or those who just say "thanks".

Pretty much the same peeves as over in the tarot threads
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greatdane  greatdane is offline
The Lone Crone
Join Date: 16 Mar 2010
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Well so true, Padma

I am sure readers face many of the same issues whether they're reading Lenormand, tarot, oracles.

I just get frustrated. NOT because people keep asking the same questions, their RIGHT to do so, it's when I ASK NOT to be asked and they ask me anyway and ignore what parameters I post in the hopes of...not getting caught asking when I have said PLEASE don't ask? I spend too much of the little time I stay in reading saying SORRY, I can't read on that for you....because they've ignored my rules.

I never used to look to see if those asking for a reading just had one, or several on the same topic, but when I started getting repeat requests, then started to check to see if I was being used as yet another reader to see if they could get the answer they sought.

There are always readers who will read for anyone on anything. Their right as well.

I just want my way of reading, my rules respected, if someone asks me for a reading.
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celticnoodle  celticnoodle is offline
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another one here with ya, Greatdane and Padma! I actually can't even stand to do love readings, tbh. When I have a customer come in (who is paying for a reading) and their focus is their love life, I can't help BUT to cringe!!! It has become that way for me, because generally they are the type of person who has gone to 2 or 3 other readers in the last month or so with the same question! drives me up the wall!

Its really sad that people allow tarot to rule their lives like this, but also in other areas of their lives. It honestly breaks my heart. Tarot readings are really only suppose to give you guidance. NOTHING is carved in stone. We always have the ability to change things.

And, yeah, full feedback. Not this "yes" or "no" or "I don't know" or "Thank you, it was good" stuff. Really explain people! This is one of the rules here on A.T. too--you're suppose to really show where the information was correct or way off base--otherwise how are we to learn?
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Amanda  Amanda is offline
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Whether its Lenormand or Tarot I just read. A lot of times those people that ask for the same reading over and over again simply get the same answer, so I just give it to them. LOL Eventually I think, it tires them out or they get tired of asking me, because I essentially brush past it and give them the message of the cards. For them I think it's like fighting with a machine that's not cooperating... can't reason with it, so kick it and move on frustrated. LOL (Or, realize they're getting the same answer over and over again, and finally take some time out to listen.)

This reminded me of something I read for class, as well as the thread over in Talking Tarot about prediction being a misuse of tarot. Here is the excerpt from my course text:

Sosik, J. & Jung, D. (2010). Full range leadership development: Pathways for people, profit, and planet. New York, NY: Taylor & Francis Group
In order to gain the trust, respect, and admiration of your followers, like Gandhi, you need to display behaviors that demonstrate idealized influence. That's because idealized influence involves being a positive role model that exemplifies high levels of moral/ethical and performance standards. To be moral and ethical means that you hold and display character strengths and virtues valued by society. It also means that you put your group's best interests ahead of your own personal interests. To hold high performance standards means that you aim high in all of your work processes, products, and outcomes, and you raise the bar for others. Unfortunately, this can sometimes detract from your popularity with some lazy or insecure followers in the short run, but it can build your reputation in the long run (p. 83-84).
This is what I spoke about over in the Talking Tarot thread. How essentially, I just step aside and let the cards handle it as they are the most objective (in my opinion) between the reader and sitter, and I trust the appropriate message will come across... and, I definitely lose some popularity points with the things I deliver sometimes, and sometimes I just falter because I'm human... but you know, I really don't have too much of an issue with others not respecting my rules for reading. I don't really have any, but I think it's because I value the message in the cards as being the highest "performance standard" so to speak, and to maintain that will "raise the bar" for the sitter in whatever way they need. I leave room for Something Else to come in.

There was a time that someone asked me if her son would live to see the age of 13 (he has some rare disease that could be fatal or shorten his life significantly, at least). I was anxious about reading on such a question, and didn't really want to... but it was the question weighing on her mind and heart, so I let the cards speak (admittedly, a little nervous about what they would say). They gave her exactly the message she needed though, and it wasn't a number on this kid's life. She walked away with more peace in her heart... so, I guess I trust the cards (or whatever the Something Else may be behind them) to protect me as well from doing anything stupid.

So, I just read. My peeve lies more with people that try to force their own view and get me to agree with it. I have clearly explained a message and they will ask essentially a "dumb" question as if it was not easily understandable. Many know how direct and straight-to-the-point I can be, so this seems silly to question clarity... like there is a definite block over this person's ears from hearing what I am saying. IF you are a sitter that is committed to lying to yourself, can't open up and listen or take a look at your vulnerabilities in an honest fashion or whatever, please don't waste our time together... don't try to drag me into crazy-land with you with the 'but-but-but' regarding the interpretation I gave. I try my hardest to uphold a simple, honest message based on my belief in the objectivity of the cards, so to refute that in a negative, self-destructive manner, or challenge me as having a personal opinion over your life or someone 'out to get' you - that is my peeve. If a sitter can't consider the message I'm getting with an open and honest perspective, I don't want to read for that sitter.
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greatdane  greatdane is offline
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I get what you're saying Amanda

I just don't want to waste my time and energy in constant repetition. I read for short periods of time and just want people to respect how I read.

It reminds me of when I was a uni advisor and someone would ask me the same question over and over. The first few times, no problem, after that, it was it's important you hear what I'm telling you as I am not going to keep repeating myself.

You summed it up so well in your last sentence :-).
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elle_muse  elle_muse is offline
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Ooh, I love this question!! I may seem very harsh, but you asked. Hehe. I've been creeping this forum for years to see certain things over and over that bug me, but I stay out of it, cuz it ain't my business!

1)Those who ask the same question over and over again until they get the answer they want. Shopping for what they want to hear, and even then, they want confirmation. Lol. I was like the first week I started reading seriously, but then realized it didn't make sense and I needed to rely on my first set of cards and my intuition. I don't even pull out clarifiers or ask for more info. You just have to trust and move on.

2) People who don't give their feedback and only give thanks. Then get all defensive when you remind them of the rules, and say theyve been so busy to give feedback. AND yet still not give any!

3) Those who rely on just their cards but don't do anything to change their lives. Like they're using their cards as crutches and let them control their happiness or their days. I see it a lot in terms of relationships.

4) Those who respond to threads of people asking a question that has already been asked. I get that it can be annoying if you've been here for years and know the forum inside-out. However, it takes just about the same amount of time and energy to reply with a helpful link or piece of information instead of "This had been covered before!". It's unneccesary and may lead to a series of arguments or allow the poster to lose their confidence to ask another question.
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Seraphina  Seraphina is offline
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Talking The Future!

Hi GD,
I don't mind reading for most things, but my peeve and I have two actually, although they may infact be similar .... Those sitters (and there are a lot of them!) who want ME to tell them about their future, they are not interested in any guidance to reach it, they just want to know what is going to happen, without them lifting a finger to obtain it! When I tell them it doesn't work that way they assume I'm not very good at card reading lol

My second peeve is those who want health readings and again they want me to tell them the outcome of their medical conditions (Here we go... the future thing again!) thankfully those ones are not that often as I do make it very clear..I am NOT a doctor and I steer clear of medical diagnosis ... But they still ask... So now I explain, before a reading, that I cannot determine their future exactly... You make your own future, nothing is set in stone, I deal with the here and now and offer insight to possible paths and guidance through the cards to reach the outcome they desire,I do tell them that ultimately their free will will always come into play, the choices they make will affect the future they have.... Some understand but quite a few, in my personal experience, do not!

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Pet Peeves (For ALL: Cards/Tools/Divination):

1) Serial sitters.
2) Repeat questions.
3) Clarification questions.
4) Love questions: Fantasy/ Ex from 100 years ago/ Saw her/him at a glance.
5) Trivial/Mundane questions.

Be thinking in regards to LENORMOND....
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DownUnderNZer  DownUnderNZer is offline
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Don't mind ~

1) Future, but nothing is set in stone.

2) Looking at "others", but not something like an office affair and the person would have to be linked to the sitter in some way and/or have to have come up in the GT or a freestyle spread as "another person" card. Depends.

If a woman wanted to know if her sister was fine and how she felt, as she hadn't heard from her since they argued a few weeks back, don't see why not.

If it was to see if the new man in her daughter's life was decent and available - why not.

If it was to see if her boss was cheating with the secretary - probably not.

3) Health is a no no area and especially death, but I have done it and will look at things sometimes,
only I will tell them to seek medical advice.

Did see one case in which I knew the diagnosis was shadowed and the outlook was not favorable at all. So, I told her and her husband that something would be found in the medical tests regarding her lungs, and that from there she really was in doctors hands.

I told my sister what I really saw as in the full picture, but it wasn't my place to really tell the sitter. She was in fact actually one of my Spiritual/Medium mentors and this was a part of that teaching as in not to talk about the future or possibility of death etc. Was very conflicting and tough I can tell you, not to mention devastating, as I really really liked her.

She did have lumps on her lungs, was successfully treated, but 2 years later died when the tumours returned aggressively.

Later when talking to her husband I sent a copy of what I wrote to my sister. He was cool about it.

Health and Legal are tricky areas as is death and that one I got right this year as well. But the man was already dying, so it was a roundabout date that I gave a good friend who asked in kindness and concern for him and their daughter.

Anyways, some territories are just not meant to be ventured whether experienced or not.

As my good old father use to say: "Never mess around with anything you don't understand and if you are in a place that you don't belong to always say a little prayer to protect yourself".

Wise words indeed.
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