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Trouble learning Lenormand readings

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Trouble learning Lenormand readings

I just bought my first Lenormand deck the Blue Bird and have another book/deck set (Easy Lenormand)coming in the mail. I've been reading different sites to learn Lenormand...and am running into trouble learning the individual card meanings.

It seems like there a lot of cards that mean the same thing and various sites have different groups of cards meaning the same thing (like happiness of good fortune or lies/deceit) this is making it really hard for me to know whether I am reading the Lenormand in a correct or authentic way. Can anyone tell me of a good site that has the authentic meanings? The folks I am tending to learn best from online tend to be identifying themselves as using the French system of Lenormand readings. Is there a website (in english) that would be a good source for learning the authentic French meanings for each card?

I have done a couple readings for myself and one other person to try to get a feel for Lenormand but I keep running into this problem. One example of this was The following 3 card spread:

Fox/Renard, Man, Snake.

In this reading the man I assumed to be a significature for myself,, I hadn't pulled it out of the deck beforehand, it just came up in the random draw.

I am an honest person, so I could not see how this spread was commenting on my or my life I have not a one lying to me ( I keep very much to myself so no one really has the chance to deceive me in any real way). I know both cards are about deception so I was and completely confused about this reading.

In closing, I could prolly read the card combinations pretty easily if I could just get someone to nail down the meaning of individual cards for me.
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If you seriously want to learn to read Lenormand, this course is worth every penny. It's a beginner's course for just 10 Euros and will give you enough of a start to go from there, even if you don't want to invest in the next 2 courses he offers, which are also excellent. Lots of beginners lean on the "combinations" lists that are offered in many books but this course teaches you enough to gain the confidence to lean on your own interpretations. He teaches you to fly on your own and not feel the need to forever follow someone else's lead.

If you want a book about learning to read Lenormand probably Rana George's or Caitlin's Matthews' book would be the best.
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