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Gilded Tarot - 79th Card

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Mimi, thanks for sharing that picture of your dad. I like your idea for the 79th card.

Tarot Boy, that was a fabulous idea! I love it, and all the meanings you could assign to it.

Ok, if I were going to add a 79th card to my deck, I think it would be nothing but pure white. I believe there are some things in life we aren't meant to know or understand; some mystery is necessary in order for us to have faith. So if a plain white card showed up in your reading, it would tell you: you're a human, you can't know everything, but have faith: things are as they should be.
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79th card

Has anyone ever thought of using an image of their childhood home as a 79th? I thought this could take on the meaning that one is where they should be. That they are on the right path toward their intended goals...Unfortunately, I do not possess an image of any kind pertaining to my childhood home. It's still a personalized card, and it speaks of security for some.

Second thought: If not one's childhood home, then why not their favorite meditation get-away, be it a room, or garden, or some other peace-inducing place ...?

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Lady_Anstria  Lady_Anstria is offline
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79th card

If I were able to have a 79th card, it would be of a beautiful red or blonde-haired woman in a diaphonous gown made of sparkling stars ascending to the heavens on a cloud - one golden-shod foot is poised for the 'second' journey begun in innocence and trust. As the Fool take a leap of faith into the journey through this life to attain awareness and wisdom, so the woman is poised for the journey into the next phase of existence after bodily death.

It would be much akin in imagery to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin.

On each golden sandal would be a golden rose for the opening of the superconscious about to be revealed. The cloud would rise above a golden staircase that reaches into the heavens.

Having had a few close calls with death and having had accomanying visions at the time, this would be the imagery I would want on a 79th card, to remind me that there are other journeys following this, other tranformations.
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Join Date: 09 May 2011
Location: Chicago, Il USA
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it would be a major arcana card.

It would be called "Self"

And it would have a mirror or a plastic mirror on it so you could see your own reflection.

It would be 22.
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my idea for card #79...just an extra card, not a major arcana...
Inner Self card, a time to sit back and take inventory of would depict a beautiful baroque style of mirror on a black marble mantle....
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79th card. I once saw a picture by Ciro who I believe it was Keith Richards. An awesome 79th card indeed, rock on!
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