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Gilded ~ 6 of Cups

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Willow Huntermoon 

This card is also very tricky for me. What helps me is that when I first see the card it depends where my eye goes, for example;

The Girl (who I think is the same girl from the 4 of Wands) I would think that happy and pleasant memories of the past that enrich the present. The girl is sitting on the ground, connected to her surroundings.

The Boy; He also makes me feel that he wants to say something, or give you hints to make you find out or understand what happened to him. The expression of "man of the house" comes to mind, someone that had to deal with grown up issues at a young age. Definately affects your Now, and future unless it's delt with.

The Cat; A secret something hidden about the past, maybe even representing an "Enemy" to the child. If my eye goes to the cat first, I see this as something very bad happened in the past. (skelletons in the closet)

The Frog; (I think it's a frog) I can't get out of my head the kissing of a frog and it turned into a Prince. To me that indicates a single monumental event took place that changed things immediately for the child. (like death of a parent, divorce)

Overall the card for me sybolizes "A Blast form the Past" it's effects being Good/Bad just depends on what symbol my eye lands on and the cards surrounding.
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Open Arms 

To me..the cat is a Guardian. The one who watches. He is looking out at YOU not at the children BEHIND him. He is on guard...Look at the children he is saying..but you can't go there/approach them.

Look at them and remember your childhood..when you were happy, carefree and no one could touch you. When everything was crisp and clean. When you were safe.

This card is one of my favourites....see which items draw your eye..that is the clue you need.
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Whenever threads that I have posted in some time ago reappear, I think OMG what did I post there! But now I remember...

Willow Huntermoon I love your thoughts, especially on the boy and the frog, I could have used that a few years ago. That speaks volumes to me... thank-you!

This thread made me dig out my Gilded, which has been a bit neglected of late. It was only my second deck so I had to laugh at how well loved it now looks... that baby had some shuffling!

I like your idea of the cat as a guardian Open Arms, he does look very protective and serious, not at all playful. He just stares out at you through the long grass, watching and waiting.

I think this is still one of my favourite 6 of cups, it is just so interesting.
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I recently noticed the look on the boy's face for the first time. I just KNOW that kid's getting ready to play a frog-related prank on the little girl, and it made me burst out laughing. Mischief, after all, is a part of childhood innocence.

It reminded me of a song that was on the charts in the US in the 1970s, Spiders and Snakes, specifically this part:

And so we took a stroll
Wound up down by the swimmin' hole
And she said, "Do what you want to do"
I got silly and I found a frog
In the water by a hollow log
And I shook it at her
And I said "This frog's for you"
For that matter, I seem to recall an older cousin of mine trying to convince me that the toad I found (at night) was cold, and I should put it in my Grandmother's bed to warm it up. Even at age 6, I knew enough to say, "He's used to the cold. He lives out in the yard. And Grandmom would go into orbit if she found a toad in the bed."

Smartypants cousin. Just like that kid in the 6 of Cups.
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