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Oracle for 13 yr. old Girls

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Oracle for 13 yr. old Girls

My daughter will be celebrating her 13th birthday next month, and will be having a sleep-over with a few of her girlfriends. I would like to get them each an oracle deck but I can't decide which one. I don't think they would enjoy anything too "cutesy", but a couple of them are Catholic so I don't want to offend any parents either. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks and many blessings!
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Madame Endora's Fortune Telling Cards is a nice deck, I would think, for the age. It borrows imagery primarily from fable, but are not in the least bit cutesy. The only remotely possibe offensive thing I can think of would be the Siren card, shown on the page linked, which shows some skin but no body parts of the mermaid.

Sounds like a blast, I wish I would have gone to one of your daughter's kind of slumber parties when I was that age. I would have adored such a thoughtful gift, no matter what you chose! Hope you all have great fun!!
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The Dreaming in Color deck would be a fabulous choice, I think . . . not cutesy, but there's also nothing in the cards to offend parents (no nudity, occult images, etc.). It might be a bit on the pricey side, though. Anyway, here's a link:
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the Answer Deck might be fun!
And quite reasonably priced too...
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December Fairy 

The Doreen Virtue oracle decks would work well. Any of the Angel decks. Maybe the Fairy decks. Also the Magical Unicorn or the Magical Mermaid and Dolphin Cards.
Maybe stay away from the Goddess decks so there are no upset parents.

The Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards are really nice too. They are by Susan Seddon Boulet.

I'll add more if I can think of anything else.
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Wow! What great suggestions! Thanks everyone for your input. Now I need to show my daughter some of the scans of these decks and get her reactions to each of them.
Many blessings,
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I've been checking these out and think they are great!

I'll 2nd Dreaming in Color and Madame Endoras.......there are probably hundreds and hundreds....browse
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Ill add any of Doreen Virtues Angels or Angels and Saints will go OK with the catholic mob

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Hi bodhran: altough I love the Madame Endora cards very much I would not choose them because I think the Catholic parents might have an issue with the title of the deck (the witch of Endora is mentioned somewhere in the bible) and I suppose they will not like the Medusa card and some others in this deck.

As for the Virtue cards they may be ok for Catholic parents but what about ppl who are not so fond of Angels?

Best thing would be to pick a "neutral" oracle deck.
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Chubby Mummy 

How bout that little ted oracle, it looks cute and harmless!
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