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Masculine oracle deck??

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Masculine oracle deck??

Hello, all!

I was wondering if anyone knows of a somewhat masculine oracle deck?? I read tarot and playing cards, but have not found an oracle I like just yet... I like the styles of Doreen Virtue's decks, but am looking for something a bit more masculine... closest I've found are Doreen's "Archangel Oracle" and Dr. Stephen Farmer's "Power Animal Oracle." but I just haven't jived with either yet.... I buy so many and just end up giving them any suggestions?? thanks!

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formerly similia
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I like Madame Endora's Fortune Cards. They are designed by a woman and named for one, but I think they could be comfortably masculine.
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The Druid Animal Oracle has a strong yang feel about it - I'd call it balanced with a masculine leaning.
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Try the Answer Deck

Reasonably priced and rather masculine...I think...with the gorgeous black and white Art deco style illustrations.

It doesn't really come with instructions, you would have to use your intuition...or dig up the olf study group....
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The Dreamer 
Maya Deck
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I second the Druid Animal Oracle,
and would also add:

Oracle of the Dreamtime

The Universe Cards

White Eagle Medicine Wheel

The Wolf Pack Tarot (Definitely NOT a tarot, though it does have 78 cards)

Many blessings,
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Join Date: 19 Feb 2005
Location: Florida, USA
Posts: 320

Thanks everyone for the info! I greatly appreciate your input... I'm especially intrigued by the Madame Endora oracle... gonna have to check it out! It was nice to get such good feedback too... I've been the consummate lurker on this forum for almost two years (why so few, and this is the warmest response I've gotten to a post... so thanks! You'll be seeing more of me...

take care!

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Also the

Native American Cards ...

Sabian Symbols ...

Rune cards ...

just some thoughts

Elven x
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That Maya deck looks pretty cool!

I'd add the Wolf Song cards to what's been mentioned so far.
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EveAnna  EveAnna is offline
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Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams are very nice - They are not overly feminine or masculine but are balanced.

I've only just bought this deck and book set but so far I'm fascinated by both readings and images.
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